Anti Graffiti Coating

Anglia Decor Ltd specialise in the application of Anti graffiti coating across Essex and London. These anti graffiti coatings are designed to protect surfaces against glue from fly posters and paint, making removal quick and easy. Some areas are more prone to graffiti, such as subways, industrial estates and communal corridors & staircases. There are two types of anti graffiti coating:

Sacrificial anti graffiti coating

Acting as a barrier between the surface and the graffiti, washed off when the graffiti is removed. The coating is then reapplied to give future protection. This type of coating is used as a preventative measure in low probability areas.


Permanent anti graffiti coating

Permanent coatings are used for areas of repeat vandalism like staircases and street furniture. These coatings can give protection up to 20 years depending on frequency of attack and environment. There are also anti graffiti coatings that allow the substrate to breath, more suitable for porous surfaces like brickwork. These allow the graffiti to be removed with harmless mild chemicals.

Graffiti removal

Most frequently our clients need graffiti removal before then protecting the surface from repeat attack. Our operatives use pressure washers and paint removal chemicals to clean a substrate. Even in difficult access areas we are able to complete the job thanks to cherry picker trained operatives.

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