Walkway markings

Long lasting epoxy resin walkway markings to help your business meet health and safety guidelines. We prepare the concrete floor by diamond grinding then vacuum the floor before application of 2 coats of epoxy resin high build coating. This system gives a long lifespan and means you will not need to constantly repaint as with typical floor paints. Using the high build epoxy resin coating system gives 8x the thickness of typical floor paints.

We also carry out just floor preparation and give instruction to your employees as to how to carry out the rest of the work, if budget is low for the job.

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Anglia Decor have been trained in the application of Res Dev’s Deckmaster system, a flexible anti slip resin coating that is suited to car parks and industrial environments.

  • DPM Primers for new build or refurbishment projects on concrete or asphalt substrates
  • Abrasion resistant finishes with anti slip properties
  • Resistant to Carbon Dioxide and Chloride ingress
  • Light reflective UV resistant coloured sealers
  • Fast cure options for time sensitive projects
  • Compatible line marking and signage systemdeck master

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Floor grinding

Anglia Decor Specialise in floor grinding using diamond grinders with dust extraction systems, keeping dust to a minimum. We are also able to remove coatings and adhesives with pcd shoes attached to our DFG250 diamond grinder. Power floated concrete is the most common finish for industrial flooring and due to the smooth finish it is not suitable to paint. Prior to the application of epoxy resin coatings the floor needs to be diamond grinded, removing the top layer of smooth concrete and leaving a course textured surface that the paint can adhere to. This is especially important if the floor is to have fork lift traffic or pallet trolleys. If you have a floor with an old defective coating that has blistered or is flaking, going over the top of this will only give a short term fix. The new coating is only as strong as the coat it is going over. Better to apply over a sound base and know the coating is going to last.
We cover Essex, London and Kent and also carry out floor coatings and line markings, walkways and non slip epoxy resin systems.


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Anti Graffiti Coating

Anglia Decor Ltd specialise in the application of Anti graffiti coating across Essex and London. These anti graffiti coatings are designed to protect surfaces against glue from fly posters and paint, making removal quick and easy. Some areas are more prone to graffiti, such as subways, industrial estates and communal corridors & staircases. There are two types of anti graffiti coating:

Sacrificial anti graffiti coating

Acting as a barrier between the surface and the graffiti, washed off when the graffiti is removed. The coating is then reapplied to give future protection. This type of coating is used as a preventative measure in low probability areas.


Permanent anti graffiti coating

Permanent coatings are used for areas of repeat vandalism like staircases and street furniture. These coatings can give protection up to 20 years depending on frequency of attack and environment. There are also anti graffiti coatings that allow the substrate to breath, more suitable for porous surfaces like brickwork. These allow the graffiti to be removed with harmless mild chemicals.

Graffiti removal

Most frequently our clients need graffiti removal before then protecting the surface from repeat attack. Our operatives use pressure washers and paint removal chemicals to clean a substrate. Even in difficult access areas we are able to complete the job thanks to cherry picker trained operatives.

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Class 1 and Class 0 Fire Upgrade Systems

There is a growing awareness that the build up of paint coatings to walls and ceilings contributes to fire growth. The concern that all existing paint films should be regarded as potentially flammable.

Class 1 is the highest performance classification measured by BS476 surface spread of flame. Class 0 fire upgrade systems can be easily applied to painted internal walls to improve fire safety performance. The main  aim of these coatings is to protect against rapid spread of flame. In addition to class 1, Class 0 defines limitations in heat release when tested to the requirements of BS476.

Conforming to the class 0  fire rating is an obligation in certain premises, such as houses in multiple occupation, but this is also recommended in other buildings to help prevent the spread of flame and improve safety.

class 0 fire upgrade systems

Class 0 Fire Upgrade Products

Torrex™ Flameshield Eggshell.
Certifire approved.
Eggshell finish, durable and suitable for high traffic areas.
Water based system.
4 coat system.
Available in a range of colours.

Dulux Pyroshield.
Upgrade class 4 blue board to class 0 using pyroshield basecoat.
Topcoats available in durable matt or durable eggshell finish.
Water based coatings.
Quick drying and easy to apply.



Speak to someone today to find out more about class 1 and class 0 fire upgrade systems. Call Steve on 01702521831 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

Staircase Painting

Staircase Painting

Anglia Decor specialise in large scale staircase painting projects. We are able to schedule jobs for out of office hours to minimise disruption and ensure your health and safety procedures are not compromised. For staircase painting jobs we suggest using a durable acrylic eggshell paint that will last longer and can be washed if marks appear over time. We have carried out several staircase painting jobs, where possible airless spraying can speed up the project and keep costs down.

Case study: Grays council staircases
We carried out this staircase painting job to 3 x 7 floor staircases over a 4 week period in summer 2015. The carpets were being replaced once we had completed so we were able to spray the walls and ceilig. All signage was removed and stored until the work completed then re fixed. We used acrylic eggshell for the walls and ceiling. The handrails were rubbed down and given a high grip primer then 2 coats of Dulux Metalshield.  These were painted cream to ensure they were highlighted against the white walls. The project was carried out during evenings and weekends and we completed on schedule. The walls had a textured finish and had not been painted in some 20 years.

DSC_0474 staircase painting

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Ceiling renovation Cost

Anglia Decor specialise in ceiling renovation, transforming old tired suspended ceilings to their original appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacement. All ceiling renovation projects vary, however as a rough guide we can spray a ceiling white to look like new starting from £25 per square meter, based on a single coat of class 0 coating. This cost can increase if the ceiling has water or smoke damage or missing tiles.

The benefits of our ceiling renovation service include:

Fast project turnaround, can be performed out of working hours
Reduced labour cost
No flaking or peeling
Remove water stains, soot & smoke damage
Any BS pastel shade available
Keeping acoustic insulation properties
Brighter workplace
Class 0 fire rating finish

renovate ceilingCeiling renovation projects

The process starts with arranging a survey to your business premises so we can work out a specification and send a written quotation. Once this is agreed upon we can book in a suitable date to commence the project. Our operative will arrive on site and mask up the area to ensure no over spray is suffered. Any water damage will be treated and once cured our operative will start spraying the ceiling. Once complete we will remove all masking and tidy up the work area, removing all rubbish from site. You will be left with a renovated ceiling at a fraction of the cost of a new ceiling.

This process ensures the ceiling maintains it’s acoustic insulating properties. By removing the tiles and painting them with roller and brush the holes in the tiles become blocked and the sound reduction qualities are lost. It also removes the risk of breaking the tiles when removing and encountering problems with fitting them back to the suspended framework.

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Office decorators

Anglia Decor Ltd. have a team of office decorators to carry out large scale projects across Essex and London. Our office decorators are able to carry out your painting projects in minimal time frame and without disturbance. Moving out of your offices and need to carry out lease end dilapidation works? Give us a call to discuss your requirements and schedule a site survey.
We are also specialist in external redecoration projects, large and small. Our office decorators are qualified through IPAF to operate cherry pickers and scissor lifts. We have good contacts in the scaffolding industry able to keep your access costs to a minimum. Should your building have been neglected for several years and suffering with rot damage to joinery we are able to carry out repairs to rectify using the Repair care and window care system.

Office decorators

Case study: office decorators carrying out painting works at EC1A.
Whitbread PLC contacted us and were looking to have a floor of their offices decorated. We quoted within a few days and managed to start their project of 10 offices and a large open office area with seating for 40 staff within 3 days. We were given a completion time frame of 10 days and finished on time to our agreed quotation. The floor manager was pleased with the standard of the work carried out and happy with the updates we gave throughout the project.
The images below show office decoration including feature columns, a whiteboard room and some of the large open plan offices we carried out.

IMG_0030 IMG_0025 (1) london office

We also carry out Muraspec wide vinyl wall-coverings, suspended ceiling renovation and external painting projects. Give us a call on 01702 521831 to discuss your requirements.

Painting driveways

Painting driveways is a quick and effective way to improve the look of your property. Here at Anglia Decor we specialise in painting driveways throughout Essex and London.

A few of the most popular coatings for painting driveways are listed below:

Centrecoat Driveway Paint



CentreCoat Water Based Driveway Paint.
A long lasting coating that can be applied to all tarmac, asphalt and concrete surfaces. Suitable for car parks, painting driveways and tennis courts, provides an anti-slip finish. Available in red, black and other colours on request. Provides a non slip finish that is highly waterproof and resistant to oil spills.




Rustoleum Asphalt Restorer.
A single coat bitumen paint with flow agents and high grade filler that provides an ‘as new’ appearance hiding old line markings and repairs and hiding ingrained dirt from building works. Rustoleum Asphalt Restorer is designed as a surface coating for painting driveways and Patios and not intended to repair weak or damaged surfaces. Asphalt Restorer will cover smalls repairs, old line markings and spilled paint. Rustoleum Asphalt Restorer will also help to cover oil stains in some circumstances. When mixed with dry sand, a stiff mortar will be created and this can be used to fill in small pits and fissures.




Resiblock Trade All Purpose Paving Sealer.
A durable, general purpose sealer for concrete, clay and natural stone flooring and natural flag stone paving. Resiblock Trade is a non flammable, low odour coating that is solvent free and can be applied in just one coat. Resiblock leaves the the appearance of the substrate unchanged but still resists oil and diesel stains. With a one coat application for matt finish and two coats for soft sheen.




Imprinted concrete block paving restorer

Centrecoat Imprinted Concrete Block Paving Restorer Sealer.
A solvent based clear sealer and restorer for imprinted concrete, block paving, flags and paving slabs. A clear sealer and restorer for imprinted concrete, block paving, flags and paving slabs which makes it ideal for use on driveways, patios and car parks. On block paving it helps prevent efflorescence and stabilises sand joints, resists weed growth. 100% UV resistant and helps to protect the surface against the potential for colour fading.


Give Anglia Decor a call to discuss your requirements. Or email an image of your driveway along with the size of the area to be treated to enable us to work out a quote.

Painting Swimming Pools

Anglia Decor specialise in the application of durable and water immersible epoxy resin coatings. We find the best product for painting swimming pools is Tikkurila’s RM40 resin modified paint. The most important part of any painting job is the preparation work, by sandblasting and mechanical grinding. It is very important that all existing defective coatings are removed and the surface is clean and ready to receive the epoxy coating. Tikurilla’s Temacoat RM40 has excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals and water immersion. Widely used for underground and underwater structures. It can be applied by brush and roller and will give your swimming pool a long lasting mid sheen finish available in any colour.

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swimming pool