Class 1 and Class 0 Fire Upgrade Systems

There is a growing awareness that the build up of paint coatings to walls and ceilings contributes to fire growth. The concern that all existing paint films should be regarded as potentially flammable.

Class 1 is the highest performance classification measured by BS476 surface spread of flame. Class 0 fire upgrade systems can be easily applied to painted internal walls to improve fire safety performance. The main  aim of these coatings is to protect against rapid spread of flame. In addition to class 1, Class 0 defines limitations in heat release when tested to the requirements of BS476.

Conforming to the class 0  fire rating is an obligation in certain premises, such as houses in multiple occupation, but this is also recommended in other buildings to help prevent the spread of flame and improve safety.

class 0 fire upgrade systems

Class 0 Fire Upgrade Products

Torrex™ Flameshield Eggshell.
Certifire approved.
Eggshell finish, durable and suitable for high traffic areas.
Water based system.
4 coat system.
Available in a range of colours.

Dulux Pyroshield.
Upgrade class 4 blue board to class 0 using pyroshield basecoat.
Topcoats available in durable matt or durable eggshell finish.
Water based coatings.
Quick drying and easy to apply.



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