Epoxy resin flooring contractors, Anglia Decor provide industrial flooring at great rates across the South East. Our teams of resin flooring contractors carry out dust free floor preparation and weekend turnaround of flooring projects, minimizing disruption to your business.  We are able to carry out large scale projects to warehouses, car parks, industrial units and plant rooms.

Benefits of Epoxy Resin Flooring:

Reduce dust levels

Ease of cleaning

Brighter work space

Durable and chemically resistant surface

Reduced accidents from traffic and walkway routes

Anti slip entrances making forklift traffic safer in the wet

Cost effective flooring solution

Epoxy resin flooring contractors – Types of coatings:

Solvent based epoxy resin flooring, a 2-3 coat system providing a dry film thickness of 200-300 microns. This coating is suitable for light / medium duty usage. Available in most ral colours and standard or anti slip finish.

Solvent free resin flooring. Also a 2-3 coat system, providing a dry film thickness of 300-600 microns. This coating is more durable than a solvent based system and is suitable for medium-heavy duty usage.

Water Permeable coatings, for new concrete floors with high moisture content a water permeable epoxy floor coating is most suited. This allows excess moisture in the concrete to escape. The coating gives a dry film thickness of around 200 microns for 2 coats.

Polyaspartic fast cure floor coatings. This type of floor coating is suited to projects that require fast turnaround. Polyaspartic coatings can reach full cure in 6 hours. They are also well suited to cold room floors where low temperatures can delay cure times of other epoxy resin coatings.

Polyurethane, most commonly used as a top coat to give U.V. protection and increased resistance from scratches. Comes in clear or tinted variations and typically 100 micron thickness.

Case Study: 1700m2 industrial floor
A team of Anglia Decor’s  epoxy resin flooring contractors carrying out dust free preparation to a 1700m2 floor at Hayes. Most industrial floors are power floated concrete, very smooth giving poor adhesion for epoxy resin floor coatings. The first phase of the work is to prepare the floor by diamond grinding to remove the top layer of concrete and expose the aggregate in the concrete. This is what the coating adheres to and ensures a long lasting floor coating.

epoxy resin flooring contractorsepoxy resin flooring

If the floor has an existing blistering and flaking coating we first remove this using PCD tools attached to the grinders.

Once this step is complete the concrete needs diamond grinding as described above. Some dust is left on the surface after preparation, this needs to be removed by industrial vacuum as it reduces the adhesion of the paint to the concrete and reduces lifespan of the floor coating. This industrial unitwas to be a HGV MOT station and workshop, needed frequent truck traffic. The specification for the job was 1 coat of Barrier coat to seal the floor followed by 2 coats of solvent free resin- Epocoat HB. This gave an overall dry film thickness of 600 microns and good protection from chemical spills and heavy trucking.


We can quote floor painting projects from a given specification or advise to suit your usage and budget. Anglia Decor aim to build lasting business relationships by meeting our customers needs and providing excellent customer service. All work covered with our no quibble guarantee.

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