Floor grinding

Anglia Decor Specialise in floor grinding using diamond grinders with dust extraction systems, keeping dust to a minimum. We are also able to remove coatings and adhesives with pcd shoes attached to our DFG250 diamond grinder. Power floated concrete is the most common finish for industrial flooring and due to the smooth finish it is not suitable to paint. Prior to the application of epoxy resin coatings the floor needs to be diamond grinded, removing the top layer of smooth concrete and leaving a course textured surface that the paint can adhere to. This is especially important if the floor is to have fork lift traffic or pallet trolleys. If you have a floor with an old defective coating that has blistered or is flaking, going over the top of this will only give a short term fix. The new coating is only as strong as the coat it is going over. Better to apply over a sound base and know the coating is going to last.
We cover Essex, London and Kent and also carry out floor coatings and line markings, walkways and non slip epoxy resin systems.


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