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We recently completed repairs to rotten joinery and external redecoration to this listed property in Little Walden.


The job was carried out using a Ha16spx cherry picker, to keep our client’s access costs down. 3 weeks Cherry picker hire is a fraction of what scaffold would cost for a building of this size. There is lawn to the rear of the building, so we used ply boards to ensure the Cherry picker did not damage the grass.

The first stage of the work involved scraping back any defective coatings to uncover any areas of rot damage. We carried out the wood repairs and fixed a few leaking gutters to ensure wet rot would not cause future problems. All the rot was removed and these areas repaired using the repair care system. Then any minor imperfections were filled with Dulux flexible external filler, a more permanent solution than most rigid fillers. Any defective putty was raked out and replaced with repair care dry seal, a fast cure putty that out performs regular linseed oil putty. One window had gone beyond repair on this job, so a local joiner made up a new window to replace it.

painting listed buidings

The painting and decorating of this period property was carried out using Johnstones flexible microporous stormsheild primer undercoat and gloss, giving in excess of 8 year life span. We also carried out galvanised garage doors, which were flaking due to poor previous preparation. Galvanised metal requires a specialist Zinsser bulls eye 123  primer to let the paint adhere to the surface. The doors were scraped back and rubbed down, primed then given 2 coats of Dulux Metalshield.

Once the work was complete we cleaned up the glass and removed any rubbish from the site. As with all our jobs, a 12 month- no quibble warranty is given on completion.


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Do you have a listed building in need of painting or prior to paint repairs?  Give Steve a call on 01245 359813 / 01702 521831 / 01268 208330 to arrange your no obligation quotation.

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