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Anti Static Flooring

Anti Static Flooring

Anglia Decor offers two types of anti static epoxy resin systems, which can cost effectively, solve the problem of grounding personnel.

ESD roller applied system

This system features earth points for every 100m2 of flooring. The system consists of a base coat; a conductive coating, copper tape is installed to earth points and a top protective coat. The roller applied system gives a dry film thickness of 600 microns for the 3 coats.

The benefits of this anti static system are:
Speed & ease of installation
Economical ESD flooring for large areas
Suitable for large-scale server rooms
Water permeable, can be used on newly laid concrete floors
Typical rates supply and install of £35m2 for areas over 500m2

ESD self smoothing screed

This system is more suited to high traffic areas. This system gives a dry film thickness of 1500-2500 microns. It consists of a base coat, installation of copper tape in a grid followed by a conductive coat. An ESD colour flow topping is then applied to finish and seal the system.

The benefits of this anti static system are:
Suitable for high traffic areas
Longer lifespan than roller applied system
Suitable for large scale server rooms
Chemical resistance
Typical rates for this ESD system- please call to discus.

Epoxy flooring systems are well suited to provide dissipative floor finishes to large areas of workshops, server rooms or manufacturing areas.

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