Canary Wharf plant room

The floor coating in this plant room had defective areas and needed preparation & application of a new epoxy resin coating. We were asked to carry out the diamond grinding out of office hours to minimise disruption to office workers on the floor below.


We prepared the floor by 110v diamond grinder, removing any defective coatings.  The floor was then vacuumed and made ready for application of coatings.
We chose a water based epoxy coating, Fontefloor EP100 from Tikkurila as this was compatible with the existing coating. Our operatives applied several coats of the yellow Fontefloor to the up stand areas first and then carried out the mid grey to the main floor area.

The Fonte floor EP100 system gives a 200 micron dry film thickness. This system will allow for easier cleaning of the plant room floors, will help to reduce dust levels and also makes the room brighter and more presentable. Expected lifespan for this project: 4-5 years.

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