Guide to painting cladding

The process: We prepare the cladding using a high-pressure washer at 3000psi with a turbo nozzle. This will remove any defective coatings and ensure the substrate is sound, removing any dirt and chalking from u.v. exposure. For areas of cladding showing signs of oil contamination we use solvent degreasers to clean the substrate and make ready for a new coating. If there are areas of rust, these will be scraped back to sound metal and treated with a rust converter & primed with a zinc phosphate or red oxide metal primer. Once the preparation stage is complete our cladding painters will start application of the specialist cladding paint by brush and roller or airless spraying if the site conditions allow.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Can cladding be painted?
A. Yes, cladding can be painted. The important factor is correct preparation before application of coatings. New plastisol cladding should be left for 6-12 months to weather as it gives off oils during this period that can cause issues with colour and sheen.

Q. How do you paint metal cladding?
A. Metal and plastisol covered metal cladding are best painted using this specification; Pressure wash 3000psi with turbo nozzle. Allow to dry and rub down. Apply 2 coats of Zinsser Allcoat (goes direct to galvanised).

Q. My wooden cladding has knots that have gone a different colour & bare of paint.
A. The solution to this issue is to scrape the knots back and remove any excess resin, then rub down & apply 2 coats of knotting solution. This will seal the knot and can be over painted with the rest of the cladding.

Q. My plastisol / metal cladding has discoloured from the sun, can it be washed or does it need repainting?
A. If the paint has not signs of blistering or defects it may be possible to wash the cladding to remove the discoloured top layer.  If it’s a large area a pressure washer may help remove the sun damaged top layer of paint. If any paint comes off then repaint using Zinsser Allcoat or Dulux Metalshield.

Q. Areas of my cladding have rusted, what should I do to fix this?
A. Best to scrape back any surface rust and apply Flag rust converter, followed by a zinc phosphate metal primer. Then can be painted in chosen cladding coating.