Kitchen Flooring Contractors

A commercial kitchen cannot be complete without lasting, slip-resistant, and waterproof flooring. The type of flooring you choose will directly impact the functionality of your staff and the appearance of your space. 

Anglia Decor is a professional contractor specialising in epoxy and resin flooring solutions for commercial kitchens and other spaces in London. 

We assist you all the way through the process, from choosing the flooring solution that matches your budget and needs to applying a design that enhances the space of your kitchen.

Anglia Decor – Your Trusted Kitchen Flooring Contractor

Anglia Decor has a wealth of experience in flooring applications for any commercial space. We specialise in providing durable and proven flooring solutions tailored to your kitchen’s needs and requirements while not going over the allocated budget.

Unmatched Quality of Service

At Anglia Decor, we cherish the trust you place in us. That’s why we strictly adhere to top-tier flooring application methods, ensuring quality at every step.


Our team of professional contractors undergoes training to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Certified Kitchen Flooring Experts

We’re accredited by Chas and Constructionline for health and safety. 


Our team holds qualifications like IOSH Managing Safely, SSSTS, and many more. 


Training our team is a top priority, guaranteeing a professional, high-quality service.

Competitive Prices

Our range of flooring solutions for commercial kitchens offers transparent and competitive prices. 


We help you choose the solution that will satisfy your needs and fit your budget.

Great Customer Support

Anglia Decor is a trustworthy contractor when it comes to flooring solutions. 


We can advise you on the most budget-friendly and lasting solution and keep you updated throughout the process.

Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solutions

A commercial kitchen is a busy place where oil, water, and other liquids are spilt daily, damaging the floor and potentially creating a dangerous environment for the staff. A properly chosen flooring solution will prevent all these issues from ever happening again and more!


  • Slip-resistant: In a place where liquid gets spilt, nothing is more important than an anti-slip floor. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Our solutions for kitchen floors are as slip-resistant as they are stain-resistant. Just a few passes with a mop easily clear away any mess. 
  • Durable: Only the most durable flooring solutions can withstand high foot traffic and the impacts of dropped equipment. With epoxy or resin coating, your kitchen floor’s durability will not wear off quickly. 
  • Hygienic: A flooring solution can significantly improve the hygiene of your kitchen area. An epoxy resin screed, for example, prevents germs from spreading and water from penetrating the surface.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Our protective and durable flooring solutions are versatile and can contribute to the overall appearance of your kitchen space, enhancing it even further.

Elevate Your Bakery with Superior Flooring

When your kitchen is in the final stage of construction, a top-notch flooring solution is not to be missed. We offer numerous flooring solutions, including painted, epoxy, and resin floors

If you aren’t sure which one will go best with your kitchen space, our expert contractors will visit your location and advise on the most suitable solution for your kitchen setting. 

Reach out to us and let us transform your kitchen flooring dreams into reality.

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