Concrete Floor Prep- Specialists in diamond grinding

Concrete Floor Prep Specialists

One of our operatives carrying out a concrete floor prep job removing an old defective coating. We applied a new epoxy resin coating to finish.

concrete floor prep

We have operatives trained through Ferfa in concrete floor prep. With diamond floor grinders we are able to diamond grind power floated concrete to give it a textured profile suitable for coatings. If you have an old flaking floor coating we can remove this with PCD tools and ensure the new coating is going to last. Our floor grinders are attached to industrial vacuums to keep dust to a minimum while the work takes place. (Some dust is created on this type of work however!)

The dust created while grinding concrete floor is hazardous to health and must not be inhaled. If carrying out this work ‘in house’ make sure your employees are wearing appropriate dust masks and the grinder is attached to an industrial vac. There is also an issue of hand arm vibration using diamond grinders, do a quick web search to understand the risks.

Concrete floor prep for larger areas can be carried out using vacu blast equipment. This system fires lots of small metal shot at the floor and removes the top weak layer of concrete. It exposes the aggregate in the concrete and gives the floor coating a better profile to adhere to, allowing a long lasting floor coating. Diamond grinding achieves the same result, but for large areas this is a more economical system.

Looking to remove an old coating or prepare a power floated floor? Give us a call today.

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