Direct Line Group Plant Rooms for SPIE

5x Plant rooms needed floors prepared and a new epoxy resin coating


Our operatives used 110v diamond grinder to remove poorly adhering coatings.

Once prepared the floors were vacuumed to remove any dust and make ready for coatings. We then applied 2 coats of Temacoat RM40 in red to up-stand areas and light grey to the main floor areas. This is a solvent based epoxy resin coating giving a 200 micron dry film thickness for 2 coats.

The lifespan of this job will be around 4-5 years. Epoxy resin coatings make the floor easier to clean, keeps dust levels down and makes the room look brighter. They are also a low cost flooring option. All our work comes with a no quibble 12 month warranty.



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