Edmonton Green

Case Study: Resin Flooring Project at Edmonton Green

Edmonton green shopping centre has an area of 200m2 housing shops, a block of flats and dozens of independent market stalls. The flooring had worn and had several defective areas needing removal & replacing at depths up to 60mm. We were working as a subcontractor for Ash Construction who were carrying out a refurbishment of the shopping centre.

Our industrial flooring team started in Feb 2020 working night shifts, the shopping centre was to remain open throughout the project.

Week 1-  Chasing out defective joints and filling imperfections to the floor using epoxy repair mortar and 2 pac filler.

Week 2-  Deeper defective areas of the floor, around 70m2 were removed by scabbler and breakers, then replaced using an Eposcreed.

Week 3-  Floor preparation by vacublast & diamond grinding. We needed to prepare and apply 2 coats to areas the same night by 3am to allow the Polyaspartic coating time to cure by 8oc am.

Week 4-  Our team carried out around 500-600m2 per week, prep, vac and application of 2 coats Polyaspartic resin.

Week 5-  Finished the last 600m2 of the project and ensured the site was left tidy.

On completion we gave our client a maintenance schedule. This job was completed on time and budget. We provided an 18 month warranty.

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