Epoxy Floor Painters

Epoxy Floor Painters

epoxy flooring

Epoxy floor painting

Anglia Decor specialise in epoxy floor painting projects. Our team are able to transform your warehouse floor in a single weekend.
We are members of the P.D.A.

Pedestrian walkways can help organise busy areas and separate pedestrian and fork lift traffic.

Epoxy floor painters London

Anglia Decor are Constructionline accredited for health and safety. We provide a complete range of epoxy floor painting services:

  • Epoxy mortar repairs. Damaged concrete can create problems for fork lifts. We are able to repair and make defective areas like new again.
  • Pedestrian epoxy walkways. Improve safety in your workplace and help meet HSE guidelines.
  • Epoxy flooring. Industrial and factory flooring projects. 
  • Plant rooms. Make plant rooms waterproof with epoxy flooring. Durable and hardwearing.
  • Warehouse epoxy flooring. Suitable for high traffic warehouse areas.
  • Office epoxy flooring.Cost efefctive for offices with concrete floors.
  • Food & drink industries. We work for a number of food & drink companies including Twinings and Fourpure.
  • Car Dealerships.Our epoxy floor painters have completed projects for SLM Toyota, Lookers Ford and Arrival.
  • Stadiums and sports grounds. We have carried out cyclical painting line painting projects at Lords cricket ground.
  • Shopping centres. We have completed   epoxy floor painting works at Edmonton Green shopping centre.

Our clients:

We have worked for well known brands across London, Arrival, Lords Cricket, Proctor & Gamble, Tate Modern, Costco, Canary Wharf, Import Export Building and Shroders.

Understand the system

Day 1
This video shows our epoxy floor painters carrying out the system.

* Floor preparation by diamond grinder.

*Vacuum to remove dust

*Application of first coat of epoxy coating.

Day 2

We return the following day to fill any defects and rub down. Then we apply a top coat of high build solvent free resin coating.
This days a day to cure allowing foot traffic and two days before fork lift traffic.

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