Floor grind

Floor grind

The floor grind process is carried out with diamond or PCD discs or shoes. The diamond discs are attached to a rotating grinding machine. Different grades of diamond discs are available depending on the concrete density / hardness and result required.

Grinding machines are powered by petrol, 3 phase or 110v power. 3 phase machines usually have higher production rates. Most floors are uneven and grinders tend to skim across the high spots, missing low spots. To overcome this the floor can be reduced to its lowest level using a large DFG 500 machine then finish the floor grind with a planetary machine. Floor grinders can be attached to industrial vacuums to reduce dust created.

PCD shoes or discs are available for the removal of screeds, coatings and Adhesives. The surface can be diamond grinded after the PCD grind to improve appearance.

Diamond grinding floors can leave swirl marks on the floor, which may be visible when using Ferfa category 1-3 coatings.

This video shows a floor grind using a DFG 250 petrol powered grinder. This will remove the existing coatings and key bare concrete to make ready for a resin coating.

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