Floor Preparation

Floor Preparation

Floor preparation services

Shot blasting.

Using steel abrasive propelled at speed onto the floor to remove the top layer. Different sized shot is available. Dust is collected in the vacuum and  shot is recycled to be used again. Magnetic sweepers pick up any lost shot on the floor.

Creates a textured profile suitable to resin coatings.

Removal of old coatings.

Suitable for prepararation of steel & checker plate.

Ideal method for large industrial floors over 1000m2.

Diamond grinding floor preparation

Grinders have single or multiple heads that rotate in circular motion and are attached to a vacuum to remove dust created. PCD discs / tools can be attached for removal of coatings, latex and adhesives. Concrete floors can be polished using planetary grinders to expose the aggregate and produce high gloss finishes.

Benefits / uses:

Ideal method to reach corners of industrial floor

Less texture than blasting & no blast lines where blast machine overlaps


Scabbling is carried out using a machine with a rotating drum. Attachments or flails are attached to the drum which hit the floor to remove a certain profile depending on the flail. This method creates a lined profile and is mainly used to remove a depth from the substrate or to remove a defective section of floor. Once the area has been scabbled it can be grinded to flatten out the profile.

Benefits / uses:
To remove a defective area of concrete

To reduce a profile height of a floor

To create a lined textured appearance

Multi stripping

A blade is attached to the front of a stripping machine to remove floor coverings and latex. Ride on and push along machines are available. Once the coating has been removed it can then be diamond grinded or shot blasted to make ready for an epoxy resin coating.

Benefits / uses:
Quick removal of vinyl flooring

Removing oil / degreasing

A scrubber dryer with detergent can remove surface contaminants. However concrete acts like a sponge and oil can soak deep into concrete surfaces over time. Diamond grinding after using a scrubber dryer will remove more oil / grease from the profile. Where oil is still evident we suggest using an oil tolerant base coat to seal the substrate.

Benefits / uses:
Where bare concrete has suffered oil damage

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