Grafo therm anti condensation coating

Grafo therm anti condensation coating

Prevent condensation with Grafo therm. Condensation can be a big problem for businesses. It occurs as a result of vapour which is always present in the air. The warmer the air temperature the more vapour there is, and when the warm air meets a surface that is at, or cooler than the dew point it condenses resulting in moisture droplets.

This is a particular issue in buildings that have a single skin roof, and even more so one made of steel, as changes in weather and the indoor environment result in elevated levels of condensation on the roof surface. This can then lead to corrosion of the roof and possible water damage to goods stored.


What is Grafo Therm?

Grafo Therm is an innovative anti condensation coating. It is a thermal insulant, and minimises the periods where condensation would occur by absorbing the water formed by condensation. When the conditions change, the larger surface area allows the excess moisture to evaporate at a faster rate. A 1.5mm coating of Grafo Therm will increase the surface area by tenfold or more.

Grafo Therm application is a quick and cost effective way to minimise the effects of condensation on the roof, the building and your stock. This means that your roof will last longer, and there is less opportunity for water damage to occur. It also offers protection against mould growth, which can occur due to the effects of water sitting on your roof surface by maintaining a drier environment.

It can also offer other insulating benefits such as reduced noise levels from wind and rain. Grafo therm comes in a grey or white finish, offering excellent light reflection and giving a brighter environment.

What Do We Do.
Anglia Decor can provide free site survey & quotation. Grafo Therm is the ideal industrial anti condensation solution and works particularly well in factory settings and warehouses where the effects of condensation can be highly damaging. We can carry out the spray coating to the premises while your business is running and provide a schedule of works to minimise disruption. We also provide a method statement and risk assessment to and our painters are qualified through IPAF to use cherry picker machines. We’re members of the Painting and Decorating Association and hold £5m public liability insurance, so you know you’re in safe hands.

To find out more on Grafo Therm anti condensation coating simply give us a call on 01702965799 to discuss your needs and book your free site survey.

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