Industrial Coatings

Anglia Décor Ltd. Industrial coatings contractor covering the South East.industrial coatings

Our team have the expertise to deliver long lasting industrial painting projects to a variety of sectors. Having worked on coastal projects, our thorough preparation and prior to paint repairs give the foundation to a long lasting job. We are also well equipped to carry out industrial epoxy resin coatings, providing durable finishes.

Industrial coatings for:
Floors Cranes & hoists
Steel work & building structures
Marine industry  

Our painters are well time served, trained and experienced in completing large scale industrial coating projects.

Whether we are following a manufacturer’s specification or suggesting an advanced industrial coating system the end result is a lasting finish.

The project starts with preparation; we either use manual abrasion or grit blasting to remove flaking defective coatings and contaminants.
Once the preparation is complete our operatives prime any bare metal and follow on with industrial coatings; polyurethane, epoxy, alkyds or acrylic systems. The coatings are measured for wet film thickness as they are applied, to ensure we are meeting our specified requirements.