Industrial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Industrial Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Industrial floor cleaning is straightforward for epoxy resin coatings as they are non porous, meaning any spills will sit on the surface. Cleaning bare concrete floors can be more difficult as concrete acts like a sponge and absorbs any oil, grease and chemicals.
It is a good idea to have a daily routine to maintain the appearance of your epoxy resin industrial floor:


Sweep your epoxy floors daily using a soft brush harder bristles can scratch the surface and the coating will loose its gloss finish. Daily sweeping will minimise the chance of surface debris scratching the epoxy coatings.

Industrial Floor cleaning

Most workplace floors will require a weekly industrial floor cleaning schedule using a detergent. If your workplace has high traffic, these areas could need more frequent washing.
Scrubber dryers are a good investment for larger floors . Don’t use brightly coloured detergents as these can dye the colour of your epoxy floor. Ensure any spills are cleaned up immediately, either by mopping or damp cloth. Epoxy resin coatings can be susceptible to solvents and caustics cleaners.

Preventing damage to epoxy flooring

The floor can be scratched if a pallet or metal object is dragged along the surface. Make sure pallet trolleys are lifted up off the floor to prevent dragging.

Matts at entrance ways can help remove dirt and stones from shoes as people enter the workplace. Also helpful to prevent floors becoming wet and slippery.

Avoid acidic cleaning products and highly concentrated caustic cleaning solutions. Avoid soap based cleaning products as they can make the surface more slippery when wet.

industrial floor cleaning bare concrete

Bare concrete floors that have are heavily soiled can be cleaned by first removing grease with a scraper. Mix a strong concentration of degreaser in a bucket and apply to heavily soiled areas. Then use a scrubber dryer to pass over the floor. Concrete acts like a sponge and can absorb oil deep into the substrate.

Protecting concrete floors from deterioration

Over time concrete can break down giving a rough and uneven surface. Constant fork lift traffic can accelerate this break down. Diamond grinding can help level the floor and leave a flat profile. Defective areas / low spots can be filled using epoxy repair mortar which sets stronger than concrete. A resin floor coating can be applied to help prevent further breakdown of the concrete floor. A cheaper option is a concrete sealer / dust proofer.

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