Industrial Flooring Contractor

Industrial Flooring Contractor

Anglia Decor Ltd. Industrial flooring contractor covering Essex, London and Kent.
We carry out floor preparation by PCD grinding to remove defective coatings and old glue residue and diamond grinding of smooth power floated floors to ensure the coatings adhere. Most industrial floors are power floated concrete and a key part of the project is removing the weak top layer and exposing some of the aggregate in the concrete. For large floors over 2000m2 we usually decide on vacublasting over diamond grinding.

There are several different types of floor coatings available.
For floors requiring a very fast turnaround Polyaspartic type coatings can cure in 3-6 hours and enable us to complete a 200m2 job so it is ready for use the following day. These polyaspartic coatings are also most suitable in cold rooms where cure times can be prolonged using normal coatings.

industrial flooring contractors

Solvent based epoxy resin coatings are applied at 100 microns d.f.t. per coat and this 2-3 coat system is most suited to low/medium industrial usage. It can have aggregate added to make the coating non slip and comes in any ral colour. We have found some issues with durability using dark colours, when usage is heavy and the coatings are subject to scraping it can leave a visible scratch. In this case we advise our clients to use a heavier duty coating- high build solvent free resin.

industrial flooring contractor

Solvent free coatings are applied as a 2-3 coat system at 200 microns d.f.t. per coat. Again can be mixed in any ral code and this system gives heavy duty usage, suitable for fork lift traffic. A typical solvent free system comprises of a base coat to seal the bare concrete floor followed by 1 or 2 coats of solvent free high build coating. This can be made anti slip finish, but it will be easier to clean if regular. Most customers choose ral 7001 as it doesn’t show the dirt and still is light enough to reflect light and brighten the work space.

There are other types of floor coatings, water permeable epoxies, polyurethanes, polyaspartics etc but this gives a brief overview of the most common types.

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