Industrial flooring

For power floated smooth floors, diamond grinding will roughen and make the floor ready for painting. The coating can adhere to this textured profile and the epoxy resin coating will last far longer. If the power floated concrete is painted without any preparation it can peel or blister within weeks or months. If properly prepared the coating can last 3 years without issue.

Types of epoxy resin coatings.
The most economical system is a solvent based epoxy resin coating. This is a 2 coat system and gives a dry film thickness of around 200 microns. This coating is suitable for light / medium duty usage and comes in any colour. It is possible to add an aggregate to give a textured anti slip finish.

industrial floor paintingA more durable type of coating is a solvent free resin coating. This is usually a 3 coat system and gives a dry film thickness of around 500 microns. The coating is more durable than the solvent based system and is suitable for medium duty usage. This coating is available in any colour and aggregate can be added to make it anti slip.

For new concrete floors that have high moisture content a water permeable epoxy coating is needed. This allows the concrete to dry and excess moisture to escape. The coating gives a dry film thickness of around 200 microns for 2 coats and comes in any colour.

We also use fast cure Polyaspartic coatings. This type of coating is useful for projects that need a quick turn around. Polyaspartic coatings are also used for cold rooms, where the low temperature would slow the cure time of a standard resin coating. This is a 2 coat system and gives a dry film thickness of around 250 microns.

A typical floor coating project.
We are able to schedule jobs over weekends to minimise disruption.  Our grinders are attached to dust extraction systems to minimise dust, however some dust and noise is created.
Our team of floor painters would start on a Friday afternoon and prepare the surface by diamond grinding. Once this stage is complete the floor would be vacuumed to remove any dust. The epoxy resin coating is mixed and applied to the floor and left until the following day to cure.
The next day we would apply the top coat and this would be ready to walk on by Sunday morning. It is best to avoid heavy traffic until Monday as the coating needs time to chemically cure.

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