Painting Furniture

Painting Furniture

Professional finish to painting furniture

Achieving a great finish all comes down to spending adequate time on the preparation work. Other factors to consider are quality/brand and type of paint to be used. The cupboard we painted in image 1 was done using farrow and ball acrylic eggshell, a water based durable finish. Dulux and Crown also have water based eggshell paints that can be mixed in any colour. Oil based eggshell, satinwood and gloss can also be tinted in a variety of brands. If using Dulux you can take a colour sample down to the store and ask the staff to scan it to get an exact match, much easier than trying to match using swatches. In our opinion the look and feel of oil based eggshell or satinwood beats the water based equivalents.

Preparation for painting furniture

  • If you are treating bare wood, ensure to apply knotting solution to any resinous knots. This will prevent future discoloration.
  • If the furniture has blistering paint you can get it acid dipped to strip it back to a bare finish. Or use a scarson or heat gun to strip the worst areas, then sand down to a smooth surface.
  • Also if the wood is bare the first coat is wood primer, we like zinsser primers. If the furniture is varnished or in wood stain it will need a good rub down to provide a ‘key’ and a good zinsser or aluminium wood primer.
  • Between each coat of paint allow adequate drying time
  • Once each coat is dry give the furniture a good rub down with very fine grade scratch. On the first coat 120 can work well to remove large ‘nibs’ but as it gets near the top coat 180 or 240 grade will produce better results.
  • When finished sanding you need to remove all the dust, can use a hoover or dust brush. Then get a tack cloth to get it completely dust free.
  • You can apply the paint by mo-hair rad roller sleeve and then ‘lay it off’ to get an even build of paint over large surface areas.
  • Always use quality brushes like Purdy, synthetic brushes will improve the look of your work and will last for years if looked after properly.
  • Once the furniture is finished give it plenty of time to dry. If cups are placed on the touch dry paint too soon they may leave marks.

We paint kitchen units, cupboard doors and all household furniture, to transform the look of your home. Why buy a whole new kitchen when all that’s needed is a good quality paint job to make it look modern again. Give us a call to arrange a consultation. All our work comes with a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind.

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