Pedestrian walkways & floor markings

Painted pedestrian walkways

Anglia Decor are specialists in painting pedestrian walkways. The most important part of the process is preparation of the concrete prior to application of the coating. This gives the walkway a long lifespan and saves the need to repaint every few months where areas are flaking and blistering. We are also able to buy the epoxy resin coatings at very good prices, 5 times cheaper than lead brand companies.

If your business premises already have pedestrian walkways, but they are in poor condition we would quote to remove the defective coating. We would then diamond grind the concrete giving a sound base to apply an epoxy resin walkway. The pedestrian walkways can be painted in any ral or BS code, to match company colours or to stand out against fork lift traffic routes. We are also able to apply cross hatch markings to restrict parking and signage to warn your workforce of possible dangers. Pedestrian walkways help meet health and safety compliance and keep your business running more efficiently. Our team of skilled operatives can carry out large scale projects over a weekend and leave it ready for normal business on Monday. We give a 12 month warranty on all work and are members of the Painting & decorating association. We have full insurance liability cover and provide rams before commencing the project.

Case study- Pedestrian Walkways

pedestrian walkway

Our client, Jordan Reflectors had old flaking walkways that needed refreshing. We started this project on a Friday evening once their staff had finished work. The first step was to remove the defective coating with PCD grinding. Once removed we made a start on diamond grinding the pedestrian walkways to get back to clean course concrete. The floor was then vacuumed to remove any dust and we masked out the areas to be painted. On the Saturday our team applied the 1st coat of epoxy resin floor coating and this was left for 24 hours to cure. We then applied a top coat of the epoxy resin coating and the walkways were ready for use on Monday morning. Our customer is looking to apply a yellow edging floor tape ‘in house’ to complete the walkway markings.

pedestrian walkways

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