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Plant Rooms

Anglia Decor have carried out plant room flooring projects at Canary Wharf, Schroders, Import Export buildings and several other companies across the South East. Using epoxy resin coatings that are 7 times thicker than standard floor paint we can install long lasting waterproof resin coatings that provide value for money.

Benefits of plant room flooring

Waterproofing around machinery that is prone to leaking
Contain water damage, ease of cleaning up spills
Visual improvement in appearance
Installing walkways to help navigate
Economical flooring solution
Long lasting, 7 times thicker than paint

Our three day flooring process

Our team start with preparation of the floor using diamond grinding, this removes any defective coatings and ensures the new coatings will adhere to the floor.
We use triple motor industrial vacuums to keep dust to a minimum & clean up after preparation.

Application of 1st coat of epoxy resin coating, we can also install walkways to help staff and visitors navigate the plant rooms.
The 1st coat is left 14 hours to cure.

We return on day 3 day & fill any defects in the floor. The 2nd coat is applied and left to cure overnight and will be ok for foot traffic the following day.

Why choose Anglia Decor

5 star google reviews
Well established company
Chas accredited for health and safety
Competitively priced
Experienced industrial flooring company
Trusted by known brands, Proctor & Gamble, Twinings, The environment agency