7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor

7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring Contractor

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Finding a reliable epoxy flooring contractor is a process that may require time and proper preparation. But it is worth taking that time to select the company that will meet your expectations. 

What should you ask your future epoxy resin flooring contractor? Here is the list of useful questions you can use during your selection process.

1. What experience do you have with epoxy flooring?

The first thing you should do is ensure you’re working with experts who will be able to handle your project, even if it’s a time-sensitive one.

Ask about years of experience and the types of projects (commercialindustrial, residential) they’ve handled. If the contractor is new to the industry, you could require an SME in epoxy floors to be attached to the project. If the company is not inclined to fulfil this term, it’s probably not a contractor you want to work with.

2. Can you provide references or photos of previous projects?

It’s always beneficial to have an insight into the quality and gravity of a contractor’s previous projects. Asking for references and access to the portfolio is a normal industry practice. 

It can offer you a lot of valuable information, such as the quality and scale of work the contractor has accomplished and the level of customer satisfaction it provides. 

You can access Anglia Decor’s portfolio and case studies on our website anytime.

3. Do you have insurance and the necessary licensing?

It’s important to ensure that the contractor is licensed to work in your area and carries insurance to protect against potential damages or accidents. This due diligence can save you potential trouble and provide peace of mind for the duration of the project. 

Reliable contractors should carry public liability insurance, which covers injury or damage to third parties or their property caused by the contractor’s work.

Product liability insurance is another policy protecting you. Should there be any issues with the materials used (e.g., defective epoxy resin leading to damage), this insurance can cover the costs of claims made against the contractor.

4. How long will the installation process take?

Understanding the timeline is essential for planning, especially if the space is in regular use. This is something that an experienced epoxy flooring contractor will understand. 

Ask the company’s representative to explain to you the typical timeline of their projects and ensure whether it can be adjusted to your specific needs.

5. How do you handle unexpected issues or delays during the project?

This may not be the most common question epoxy resin flooring contractors receive, but it’s a valuable one. Knowing the answer can offer you an insight into the contractor’s expertise, problem-solving skills, and policy on project delays.

6. What is your process for preparing the surface before applying epoxy?

Proper surface preparation is key to a durable and lasting epoxy floor finish. The contractor should be able to explain their floor preparation process in detail. 

This also creates a good opportunity for discussing the details of your project, including what type of work (if any) needs to be done by you before the project begins.

7. Do you own the equipment for epoxy coating, or do you rent it?

You may also inquire about whether a company owns their equipment or rents it out. If the contractor owns their equipment, that is a good indicator they have the required experience to take on even more complex projects. 

New companies may lack proper financing to invest in the equipment right away, therefore, you may want to investigate them more closely to assess if they are the right choice for you.

Finding Good Epoxy Resin Flooring Contractor – Conclusion

We know very well that choosing the right contractor for an epoxy flooring project can be challenging. Hopefully, the questions we included in this guide will prove to be helpful during the selection process. 

Do you have any more questions about the process? Would you like to hire a professional epoxy resin flooring contractor for your project in Essex? Please contact us to receive a quote! We provide expert installation services for a range of flooring types tailored to your specific needs.

With years of experience under our belt and an extensive portfolio, we are the right choice for your next epoxy flooring project!

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