Staircase Painting

Staircase Painting

Anglia Decor specialise in staircase painting projects. We are able to schedule jobs for out of office hours to minimise disruption and ensure your health and safety procedures are not compromised. For staircase painting jobs we suggest using a durable acrylic eggshell paint that will last longer and can be washed if marks appear over time. We have carried out several staircase painting jobs, where possible airless spraying can speed up the project and keep costs down.

Case Study: Grays council staircases

We carried out this staircase painting job to 3 x 7 floor staircases over a 4 week period in summer 2015. The carpets were being replaced once we had completed so we were able to spray the walls and ceilings. All signage was removed and stored until the work completed then re fixed. We used acrylic eggshell for the walls and ceiling. The handrails were rubbed down and given a high grip primer then 2 coats of Dulux Metalshield. These were painted cream to ensure they were highlighted against the white walls for people with impaired vision.

The project was carried out during evenings and weekends and we completed on schedule. The walls had a textured finish and had not been painted in 20 years.

For staircase painting projects call Steve on 01702965799 or fill out a contact form.

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