Stormdry contractors

Stormdry is a silicone based masonry protection cream that can be applied by brush, roller and airless sprayer. Once applied it turns brickwork white for around 30 minutes, the silicone is then absorbed into the brickwork. For a few weeks the waterproofed brickwork appears slightly darker before returning to it’s natural colour. A cost effective solution to water ingress and damp issues in buildings.

Professional Stormdry Applications

Stormdry has a 25 year guarantee and is the only colourless masonry water repellent coating that carries B.B.A. approval.

It prevents water from being absorbed into the insulation whilst also letting any existing moisture evaporate away.

Reduce bills by up to 29%

Keeps walls dry and warm Stormdry can be used to increase the flood resistance of masonry as part of a flood resilience system.

Can be used on roof tiles to listed buildings & period properties as a preventative maintenance measure.

Ideal solution for coastal properties suffering with damp and water ingress issues. Easy to apply, by roller or airless sprayer.

Case study: Frinton Court

flats with scaffolding

The  Problem:
Being close to the sea, with no other large buildings in the area, it caught the full force of wind & rain.
There was breakdown of the mortar in the walls.
The brickwork, being highly porous absorbs lots of water when it rains.
The insulated cavity wall was suffering with moisture ingress.

The Solution:
We appointed Hallmark Scaffolding to erect a full scaffold to the building. Francis Stewart completed re-pointing of problem areas of brickwork. Once complete and the pointing cured, we roller applied a coat of Stormdry to all brickwork. Stormdry is a breathable masonry weather-proofer providing a 25 years lifespan. Once treated, the wall is still 90% breathable, allowing any trapped moisture to escape. This helped the wet insulation dry out and restored the compromised damp insulation.

Within a few months of the completion it was being reported by the residents that the damp patches were receding.

Our painters are trained to use cherry pickers, keeping access costs down on cyclical decorations and waterproofing work

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