Walkway Markings

Walkway Markings

Health and safety compliance with walkway markings

Walkway markings seem like a simple job to carry out in house. However inadequate preparation often means the completed project only lasts a few weeks before areas start to fail and flake. Anglia Decor have diamond grinders to prepare the floor prior to application of the epoxy resin coating, meaning a long lasting walkway. If budget is a concern we are able to prepare the floor and show your employees how to mix and apply the coating.

Long lasting epoxy resin walkway markings to help your business meet health and safety guidelines. Once complete ‘running man’ stickers can be applied to highlight the area is for pedestrians. Epoxy resin high build coatings are much thicker and more durable than standard floor paints, meaning they will last longer. We also carry out crosshatch areas to restrict parking, signage and bay areas to help organise your workplace.

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