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Warehouse Floor Painting

Warehouse floor painting

Anglia Decor provides nationwide coverage on warehouse floor painting. We carry out concrete floor preparation by way of diamond grinding and vacu-blasting, keeping dust to a minimum while the work takes place. Once the preparation is complete we remove any dust using industrial vacuum. Then apply an epoxy base coat to seal the concrete floor and leave to cure. Once cured we move onto application of a high quality resin flooring system.

Our team of highly skilled operatives are able to complete large scale projects over a single weekend to keep your business downtime to a minimum.

Warehouse resin flooring
Our resin floor coatings are suited to heavy duty usage and provide long lifespans. They can help meet health and safety guidelines by separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Resin flooring can reduce dust levels, improving the working environment for workers. We can add hazard markings to restrict parking of vehicles and pallets if needed and create anti slip bays at entrance ways where wet floors can cause a skid risk for forklifts.

In order to make sure we provide the most suitable flooring system to meet your needs, we can carry out a full worksite survey and evaluation service.

Resin Flooring

Durability and safety are important aspects of a flooring project, which is why resin floor coatings are such a popular choice. Once installed, the resin coating will withstand exposure to industrial cleaning products and daily wear and tear from forklift and other industrial traffic.

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Case Study: Stones Distribution Ltd.
The owners at Stones distribution got in touch to discuss their warehouse floor. It was a busy transport warehouse with frequent forklift traffic. The floor had been painted but it was flaking and they were concerned about ongoing dust levels in the warehouse.
We removed the existing coating, a single pack floor paint around 50 microns thickness. Our team used pcd and diamond grinding to get back to a bare concrete slab. Our operatives used industrial vacuums to remove any dust, this is a crucial step to achieve a long lasting flooring project.
We applied 2 coats of Temacoat RM40 epoxy resin coating for this 800m2 floor.

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