Windowcare specialists in prior to paint repairs

Windowcare specialists in prior to paint repairs

Windowcare is a 2 part resin repair system suitable for pre paint joinery repairs. Traditional prior to paint joinery repairs, such as splicing and filling can be expensive, time consuming and short lasting, leading to further timber decay. The windowcare system provides durable, permanent repairs with products based on a flexible epoxy resin.

Anglia Decor have operatives trained in the Windowcare system and carry out commercial and industrial projects.


Dry flex 1, will cure and paintable in an hour.

Dry flex 4, takes 4 hours to cure. This can be quicker if the repair is large or in direct sunlight.

Dry flex 16, takes 16 hours to fully cure. Suitable for repairs without time constraints.

There is a new product suitable for fast cure times at low temperatures, Dry flex 3.

Case study: Windowcare system

windowcareWe were contracted to carry out prior to paint repairs using the windowcare system and redecoration of this listed clock tower. The project needed cherry picker access, we hired a 21 meter picker giving outreach of around 9 meters. Our operatives removed the rotten and decaying wood using a multi tool cutter.

windowcare system

The image shows the extent of the decay in the wood substrates. Once all rot was removed we started work rebuilding the decayed areas. New wood was spliced in to replace missing sections with repair care bonding the old and new wood. The repairs were left to cure then rubbed down.

windowcare repairsWe carried out redecoration of the clock tower using the Dulux Weathershield system, giving a lifespan of eight years. The grey clock back ground was repainted in Dulux masonry paint. All metal work was repainted in Dulux Metalshield.

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