Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic.

We are still trading on sites where social distancing can be maintained. We are following the Construction Leadership Council’s guidelines to ensure our work is carried out in a safe manor.

As certain business premises are closed or working at reduced capacity this can be an ideal time to carry out cyclical maintenance, epoxy resin flooring & installing pedestrian marked routes to ensure health and safety compliance.

Epoxy Flooring Projects

Anglia Decor carry out epoxy flooring projects across London, Essex and the South East. Our operatives are trained in concrete floor preparation through Ferfa.  It is important to diamond grind power floated concrete to remove the top weak layer and create a textured surface that the epoxy coating can adhere to. Anglia Decor have worked on flooring projects at Canary Wharf, Proctor and Gamble and Tate Modern. We give a 12 month warranty on all work and offer competitive rates for flooring projects.

An epoxy flooring project at Tate Modern, London. Our team applied a water based clear epoxy resin matt coating to protect a heat sensitive artwork to the floor.

epoxy flooring at Tate Modern

Types Of Epoxy Flooring:

Solvent based epoxy flooring, a 2 coat system and gives a dry film thickness of 200 microns. This coating is suitable for light / medium duty usage and comes in anti slip finish.

Solvent free epoxy flooring. This is a 2 or 3 coat system and gives a dry film thickness of 400-500 microns. This coating is more durable than a solvent based system and is suitable for medium duty usage. Solvent free coatings are available in any colour and non slip.

Water permeable For new concrete floors that have high moisture content a water permeable epoxy flooring coating is most suited. This allows excess moisture in the concrete to escape. The coating gives a dry film thickness of around 200 microns for 2 coats and comes in any colour.

Polyaspartic coatings. This type of coating is useful for projects that require quick turn around. Polyaspartic coatings are also suitable for cold rooms, where the low temperature would slow the cure time of a typical resin flooring system. This is a 2 coat system and gives a dry film thickness of around 250 microns.

Polyurethane coatings P.U. coatings give a durable high build option, they do not discolour from sunlight, come in a range of colours and can be anti slip.

Benefits Of  Epoxy Flooring:

Easy to clean seamless surface
Visual improvement and bright work space
Hard wearing, durable surface
High chemical resistance
Improved safety- using non slip coatings
Reduced accidents- designated traffic and pedestrian routes
Long lasting and cost effective

Epoxy flooring- Scheduling of projects

Anglia Decor can carry out large scale epoxy flooring projects over weekends to minimise disruption to your business. Our floor grinders are attached to dust extraction systems to keep the process dust free. Our team would start on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and diamond grind the floor. Once preparation work is complete the floor would be vacuumed to remove dust. The epoxy resin coating is mixed and applied to the floor and left until the next day to cure. The following day we would apply the top coat and this would be ready to walk on by Monday morning. It is best to avoid heavy traffic until Tuesday as the coating needs time to cure.

Case study: Edmonton Green, London.
Our team carried out this 2000m2 floor over 5 weeks working night shifts, ensuring the Edmonton Green shopping centre stayed open for business. Defective joints were removed by mechanical breaker and repaired. The existing floor coating was prepared by vacublast and diamond grinding. We applied 2 coats of an anti slip polyaspartic coating, 3 hour cure time, to ensure it was ready for business by 7am.

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