Epoxy Flooring

Anglia Decor offers long-lasting and cost-efficient epoxy flooring in the UK to keep your industrial buildings in good shape and safe for walking and driving.


Our industrial epoxy flooring systems range from thin layers for those areas where the traffic is low to thick layers where vehicles and people move around most often. Regardless of which layer of thickness you require, your floor will withstand the test of time, foot traffic, and heavy machinery with grace.


Our cutting-edge industrial floor coating solutions blend aesthetics and resilience, creating an environment that is as impressive as it is enduring.


This flexibility allows us to serve a wide range of clients, making us a leading epoxy flooring contractor in the UK.

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is basically a protective floor coating applied to concrete surfaces. The epoxy is made up of a tinted resin and hardener that are mixed to create a durable, rigid coating that can be roller or squeegee applied.

Industrial Strength of Epoxy Flooring

To create long-lasting epoxy flooring it is necessary to prepare the
concrete using diamond grinders or vacuum blast machines.

Once the floor preparation is complete, we fill any minor imperfections.

Our industrial epoxy flooring team then squeegee and roller apply 2 coats of epoxy floor coating, giving a typical dry film thickness of 400-500 microns.

If usage is very heavy duty in your workplace, we can apply a thicker topcoat of 2-3mm to give the floor more durability and increased lifespan.

Epoxy floor painting 2100m2 at Sandy.

We supply Floor ProTect, epoxy floor paint suitable for industrial and garage floors.

Some of the benefits include:

Non flaking, 2-part epoxy.

7 times thicker than standard paint

High gloss finish


Chemical and oil resistance

Sectors we cover

  • Food & drink production
  • Automotive & transport
  • Warehousing & manufacturing
  • Hotels, restaurants & offices
  • Sports & Leisure facilities
  • Facilities management
  • Local authority
  • Aviation industry

Epoxy resin coatings are a cost-effective industrial flooring solution. Bare concrete tends to become dusty, porous, and hard to clean. So, it only makes sense to save costs in the long run by applying industrial floor coating.

Moreover, air quality can be improved, and the concrete floor can be protected from chemical and oil contamination.

epoxy flooring at a mot center
Epoxy flooring for MOT testing centre in Kent.

The pros & cons of epoxy

As there are many, let’s start with the pros of epoxy flooring:

  • Appearance. High gloss and available in any colour, chemical-resistant coating epoxy floors look great compared to bare concrete.
  • Ease of cleaning. Oil and chemical spills can be wiped off easily and will not soak into the floor. Bare concrete acts like a sponge and can become oil-damaged over time.
  • Cost. A cost-effective solution compared to tiles or vinyl.
  • Lifespan & durability. A typical epoxy floor will last around 5-6 years before looking tired and needing a refresh. It is 7 times thicker than standard paint and will not flake.
  • Improved organisation. Line markings and pedestrian walkways can be installed to help improve the safety of the business.

There are also some disadvantages to epoxy flooring:

  • Preparation required. To create a long lasting industrial epoxy floor, preparation is crucial. Diamond grinding and vacuum blasting will ensure the epoxy can adhere to the surface. In some cases, the existing epoxy coating may need complete removal.
  • Smell during application. Epoxies have a strong smell that can taint food and drink products. Once cured, this issue dissipates.
  • Slippery when wet. If your floor is prone to frequent wetting or can suffer oil spillages it can become slippery. We advise choosing an anti-slip version to combat this issue.
  • New concrete. High moisture content can cause issues for solvent free high-build resin coatings as they will create a barrier for the release of excess water. We advise choosing a water-permeable epoxy for new concrete.
  • UV stability. Epoxy flooring is not UV stable and will yellow over time, this is more noticeable for whites and very light greys. We suggest a polyurethane topcoat to overcome this issue on white-coloured floors.

Epoxy flooring preparation

Floor preparation is the most important part of epoxy flooring to ensure the epoxy coating will adhere well and give your job a long lifespan.

What grinder to use?

There are a variety of floor grinders available depending on the surface. If a heavy grind is required a 3-phase or petrol-powered machine will be most effective. For previously painted floors, a 110v grinder may be used.


Overcoming swirl marks visible in the finish.

Single-head grinders can leave swirl marks in soft concrete. Planetary grinders will overcome this issue.


Removing existing defective paint.
A Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tool fitted to the grinder will help to scrape off defective paint. These tools can leave scratch marks in the concrete, so you will need to diamond grind after to finish the process.

A guide to epoxy floor painting

Existing substrate
Does your floor have a defective or single-pack coating? If so, it would be a good idea to remove this to ensure you get a lasting coating. Going over an existing coating could lead to a shorter lifespan of the coating.

If you have a bare concrete floor, it will just need diamond grinding, then vacuum to remove dust. We suggest using a 2-part high-build coating like Flowcrete SF41 or Epocoat HB. Mix the base and hardener parts together with a mixing paddle on a screw gun.
Then, cut in the edges with a brush and roll the main area. The pot life is around 30 mins. The resin coating will get hot when it is near the end of the pot life.


DIY or professional installation?
DIY is a good option for small areas like your own garage. You can hire a STR 701 grinder to prepare the floor. Don’t forget to wear a p3 mask in order to avoid breathing in the toxic substances.

If you don’t have enough experience or the proper equipment, at Anglia Decor, our team of industrial epoxy floor coating contractors efficiently handles larger areas.


epoxy flooring to industrial unit

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Andy MearAndy Mear
19:08 24 Oct 22
Anglia Decor repaired and externally painted windows on a large Victorian building (30+ apartments), entrance doors and iron works. They were professional, responsive and did a great job - Thank you
Andrew FelsteadAndrew Felstead
10:33 30 Sep 22
I can highly recommend Anglia Decor. Steve looked at our difficult industrial floor refurb job. He gave great advice on the selection of products and colours. When it came to the actual work, Steve was involved in the preparation and coating. Always with a smile, calmly dealing with issues and the finer details of the work. Good value as well. One of the best experiences I've had in dealing with contractors.
James WyattJames Wyatt
09:05 22 Sep 22
Called Steve at Anglia Decor for a dilapidations exterior metal cladding quote, that needed doing relatively quickly. Steve was amazing, professional and so knowledgably. He quickly priced the job from Google maps and sent a man to start within days! This is 5 star customer service and the price was excellent. The job was completed this week and is excellent. Thank you Steve, Warren and the team. Great work!
09:25 14 Sep 22
We've used Anglia Decor at our school premises for a few years now, and we're always happy with both the service and the result, as well as their cost.Strongly recommend them.
07:29 23 Aug 22
Great last minute job, nothing was too much trouble for these guys. Very helpful!
Sarah TSarah T
08:11 26 Jul 22
I would highly recommend this company. Very good quality workmanship, very efficient. I would definitely use them again.
Mr PeterMr Peter
14:31 13 Jun 22
Steve gave good advice and always answered his phone and responded to emails. He prepared my garage floor and coated it with an epoxy resin product. It was an overall good experience and the work conducted in a professional and caring manner.
Dave WoodDave Wood
12:59 13 Jun 22
Anglia Decor recently painted the outside of our Industrial Unit in Bury St Edmunds. Great care and time was taken in preparing the external surface and the finish is great. Warren was very friendly and professional in his approach. Highly receommended A*
Martin BorleyMartin Borley
14:30 30 Mar 22
Competitively priced, polite, clean working and very professional from start to finish. I cannot fault Steve Massey and Anglia Decor team for their hard work in record time to one of our commercial units in December 2021.
Luca ParrellaLuca Parrella
08:35 17 Mar 22
Amazing service, fast and clean they have sanded painted in just under two days, all the metal work of a 400sqm building, not a drop of paint on the floor. Well done
Jack stillJack still
16:41 24 Feb 22
Done a very job on restoring an old plant room floor, will be looking to use Anglia Decor for more work in the future.
Ian McDonaldIan McDonald
15:57 01 Feb 22
Great quality and faultless workmanship - wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use again.
Aron OlleyAron Olley
21:14 09 Nov 21
Anglia Decor did an amazing job for us on a 18th century Manor House the attention to detail as usual is amazing a very professional company with a great team working for them.They were able to demonstrate previous works in this field which gave confidence to the clientThey are back there soon to complete further works on the internal hallway.The repair system they use is really good as are the products.We Look forward to working with you soon Steve and team
Lindsey DidhamLindsey Didham
13:02 01 Sep 21
A really professional service, and would highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solvent-free, 400 -micron dry film thickness (DFT) comes in any colour.

Solvent-based epoxies, 200 microns DFT

Water-based epoxy, 200 microns DFT

Sandwich systems incorporate an aggregate scatter between coats, 500-700 DFT

Resin screed systems giving between 2mm-9mm DFT and are used in commercial kitchens.

The best coating to use is a high build solvent-free, SF41 / PumaTect, Epocoat HB.

There are several factors affecting cost:

  • Location of the project.
  • Quality of your existing floor.
  • Preparation required.
  • Traffic and usage of the floor when completed.
  • Weekend or normal working hours installation.
  • Colour requirements, whites are more expensive as they require a UV-stable top coat.
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Epoxy floors can be scratched if a pallet is dragged across the surface.
It is important to let staff know to take care to raise pallets off the floor.

Epoxy flooring is not UV-stable, it will yellow over time. This yellowing is not as evident on greys and strong colours. White and light greys will need a UV stable top coat.

Epoxy can feel cold in the winter as it will be at the same temperature as the concrete slab.

Epoxy floors can become slippery when wet. Matting at entranceways can help overcome this issue. Choosing an anti slip epoxy floor is another possible solution.

With thorough preparation, epoxy flooring jobs will last around 4-5 years before looking tired and needing a refresh.
We can also apply epoxy flooring at 2-3mm, this way it can last 6-8 years.

Epoxy coatings can chip if metal tools are dropped on them. We carry out MOT floors and car repair shops and advise them to go with a slightly thicker coating to overcome this issue.

Chemical spills that are not cleaned up quickly can mark the floor.

Scratching from metal being dragged across the surface.


If you can keep the floor clean, it will last longer. Less grit and stones mean it will suffer less from scratching.

A scrubber dryer is useful for keeping your floor clean. If it’s a small area, mopping will be adequate.
You can even use a steam mop to clean epoxy floors.

For industrial projects, a roller-applied epoxy floor system is far cheaper than tiles.

For home / domestic projects, a self-leveling epoxy system is slightly cheaper than tiles. However, we would recommend tiles as they give a far longer lifespan and resist scratching.

For a home garage, a roller-applied epoxy floor will prevent dusting and give an easy-to-clean surface.

Yes, epoxy flooring will give a waterproof floor as long as it has been prepared properly. Any joints need a mesh to ensure they don’t crack.

We use epoxy for plant rooms and bund areas  where leaks need to be contained.

Epoxy has many advantages over concrete:
Less dust generated
Easy to clean
Stops oil and chemical spills soaking into the concrete and causing damage.
Visually, epoxy has a nicer finish.
Epoxy is available in any colour and gloss finish
Epoxy can be made anti-slip, for areas prone to wetting.

Yes, epoxy flooring can be repaired if it has a hole or has been scraped by a forklift truck. We would fill the imperfection with Ardex A45 or 2-pack filler. Then, rub down the area and apply 2 coats of epoxy. A slight colour difference would be visible on the repair.

Fisheyes are small circular imperfections caused when the epoxy is not adhering to the floor. This is usually caused by contamination from oil or silicone.
Bare concrete acts like a sponge and will absorb oil. Even after diamond grinding or blasting the floor, the oil damage will still be present.
We use oil-tolerant primers to overcome this issue.

The floor can also be cleaned with a solvent to remove silicone and contamination before application of top coats.

If the tiles are adhering well, it is possible to diamond grind them to remove the shiny surface and then carry out epoxy flooring. If the tiles are loose, we would recommend  removal.

Yes, epoxy gives protection from oil and chemical spills on a concrete floor. Epoxy flooring also strengthens the floor from cracking and reduces dust levels.

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Epoxy Flooring Case Studies

SLM Toyota- before

We were called to SLM Toyota to remove an old defective coating and install a long-lasting epoxy flooring system. The old coating was worn and flaked with areas of bare concrete. Our team removed the existing coating using PCD and diamond grinders, filled any defects and vacuumed the floor. We then applied a first coat of high build epoxy coating to seal the floor.

SLM Toyota- after

The following day we returned to fill more defects and apply a resin topcoat with a contrasting green walkway. This epoxy flooring system gives a dry film thickness of 400 microns and is 7 times thicker than standard paint.

With typical usage, it will last around 4-5 years before looking tired and requiring a refresh.

Arrival- before

epoxy flooring arrival

Our team was called in to carry out an epoxy flooring project at Arrival, Feltham. We prepared the floor by diamond grinding, filled minor defects, and applied the resin base coat.
The walkways were done using a darker contrast grey.

Arrival- after

cleaned floor

We returned on day 2 and filled more defects, repainted the walkways, and then applied a top coat to the main 1000m2 floor area.
We have been back to Arrival to complete more floor areas. Since our visit this warehouse is still in good condition.

Epoxy flooring pedestrian walkways

We can help you meet HSE guidelines on separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Epoxy flooring walkways provide a cost-effective solution to improving the safety of employees and visitors in the workplace.


A pedestrian walkway can be created in bright colours to ensure the separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We are also able to create zebra crossings, crosshatch areas, and goods bays to increase safety in the workplace and meet HSE guidelines on safety in the workplace.

epoxy flooring
Transform Your Business Environment with Epoxy Flooring

Embrace the durability of epoxy flooring solutions with Anglia Decor. Your retail space, showroom, or industrial facility will benefit from epoxy flooring in terms of price, appearance, and usability. Prioritise the safety of your employees with slip-resistant coatings and add a nice touch to your industrial building that will last for years to come.

Get in touch today for a consultation. Our team of professionals will be happy to answer all of your inquiries. 

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