Painting Monocouche

Painting Monocouche

Guide to painting Monocouche, K rend and Webber render.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is monocouche render?
A prefinished tinted render that does not need to be painted once applied.

Can I paint my monocouche render?
Yes, it will be similar to painting bare standard render, monocouche is very absorbent.

Will a chemical wash remove the dark discolouration on my Monocouche render?
Yes, cleaning is an option using Algopro Clear or Metaclear to kill the algae / mould.  More info on render cleaning

Do I need a specialist paint?
We have used Dulux Weathershield to paint monocouche. Can also use Santex, Crown & Johnstones brands.

What about cracks or areas of mould growth?
If the cracks are minor they can be filled with decorators caulk. Once done spray stain block over the caulk to seal. Areas of mould growth should be washed down with an anti fungal wash first.

Do I need to thin the paint down for the first coat?
Yes, the first coat will need 20% water water added to help it soak into the render. This also makes it easier to apply.

Can I do this job myself or should I call in a painting and decorating company?
If the job involves working at height make sure you are working safely. If the job is to a block of flats search for a local painting and decorating company on The PDA website.Calling a decorator will get a better finish and this helps as you will have to look at the job for the next few years!

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We carry out large scale commercial Monocouche painting in Essex and East London.


A few years ago we carried out an external redecoration to this block in Billericay, Essex. The Monocouche render had started to discolour, especially where rainwater ran off the render.

Monocouche render is already tinted when applied and does not need painting until the surface becomes tired and absorbs dirt from rainwater.

There is a specialist paint for this surface made by Monocouche, however we used Dulux weathershield masonry paint, which will last around 6-10 years. The pre coloured Monocouche acts like bare render and will need a coat to seal the porous surface and then a top coat to finish the job.

Pay attention to masking windowsills and lay sheets to protect any areas from roller spray.

Anglia Decor is a member of the Painting & Decorating Association, have £10m public liability insurance and give a 12 month warranty on all work.

Stormdry waterproofing to Monocouche render

We are also able to carry out waterproofing to pre-finished renders. This will improve the lifespan of Monocouche render and reduce discolouration. For more info visit our page on  Stormdry waterproofing.

We also carry out epoxy resin flooring to garages. Epoxy flooring helps reduce dust, brighter and easier to clean.

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