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Cladding Spraying

Cladding spraying

Transform your industrial premises, providing long lasting protection and help your business stand out from the competition.

Over time pre-finished industrial cladding can debond from the metal substrate from continued weathering. This issue if left untreated can lead to deterioration of the metal substrate. Removing the defective coating and respraying can prolong the lifespan of your cladding and help avoid expensive replacement.

We use several industrial coatings on cladding spraying projects.

Benefits of spraying cladding

  • Prolongs the lifespan of cladding
  • Cost effective, compared to replacement.
  • Quick turnaround, can be completed at weekends
  • Ideal for rebranding- available in any colour
  • Protection against weathering & corrosion
  • Increase the value of your premises

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Our clients

  • Proctor & Gamble
  • J.L.L.
  • Costco
  • SLM Toyota
  • Lookers Ford
  • The Environment Agency
  • Lords Cricket Ground (MCC)
  • Arrival


Our 5 step cladding spraying process

1 Pressure wash the cladding.
We use an industrial degreaser and fungicidal wash to clean the cladding in preparation. Over time plastisol cladding can become defective and start flaking. Pressure washing will remove any defective and poorly adhering coatings.

2 Rub down any loose edges and treat any cut edge corrosion
Our team abrade the cladding, especially if previously defective areas to ensure we have removed all of the loose and poorly bonded parts.

3 Fill any holes and dents to cladding, replace any sections that are beyond repair

4 Masking to protect sensitive areas of your building
We will mask areas to ensure all signs, lights, windows and brickwork are protected before spraying.

5 Apply spray coatings
We are trained through IPAF to use cherry pickers and through PASMA to erect mobile towers.
Spray coatings are applied making sure any nearby vehicles are protected. Our teams can work weekends and out of hours to minimise disruption to your business.

Industrial Cladding Spraying Coatings

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut Edge Corrosion
Cladding can show signs of  corrosion along the cut edge. The cut edge is the area most prone to moisture ingress. Once water penetrates it can create rust and the coating starts to debond from the metal cladding.  If left untreated the rust lead to errosion of the roofing and leaks.
We can use Giromax, Delcote and Tor coating cut edge systems to treat any corrosion before spraying the cladding, giving further protection.

Treating cut edge corrosion before damage sets in is far more cost effective than replacement of roofing or cladding sections.

Case Study: Ruark Audio, Southend

Our team carried out a cladding spraying project in Summer 2021. The defective coatings were removed by pressure wash using a turbo nozzle. We then rubbed down & filled any holes. The red, white and blue cladding coatings were applied, transforming these 2 industrial units and giving a 15 year expected lifespan.


Case Study: Costco Watford.

Our team carried out a 4000m2 cladding spraying project in Aug 2021. We prepared the cladding by pressure washer, rubbed down the cladding & applied 2 coats of Zinsser Allcoat Satin. Our operatives have IPAF training for the use of cherry pickers and scissor lifts. The video shows a small roof section being 1st coated by Warren.


Spraying Industrial Roofing

We are experienced in spraying of industrial roofing. This project was completed using Tikkurila Pansari, a water based acrylic coating.
HSE guidelines when working at height are; installation of safety netting if roof-lights present & edge protection.

We have also completed industrial roofing projects using Polyurethane resin coatings, providing a longer lifespan.