Cladding Paint Spraying

Anglia Decor specialise in industrial cladding spraying, and we have several teams offering nationwide coverage.

Our teams can transform your industrial premises to look like new again in the blink of an eye. We provide long-lasting protection from weathering at a fraction of the cost of cladding replacement, so it can be a great opportunity for your company to save some funds in the long run.

Help your business stand out from the competition, – there is a wide range of colours available for you to choose from!

Over time, pre-finished industrial cladding can debond from the metal substrate as a result of continued weathering. This issue, if left untreated, can lead to further deterioration of the metal substrate. Removing the defective coating and respraying will prolong the lifespan of your cladding and help avoid expensive replacement, so it is definitely an investment worth considering.

To achieve the best results possible, we use high-build flexible coatings for painting metal cladding and can provide 10-25-year warranties.

Our teams of on-site sprayers, can also carry out spraying of industrial roofing, shopfronts, windows and shutter doors, always taking care of every single detail in order to provide the best service possible.

A cladding spraying project completed in Spring 2023 for Toomeys Hyundai.

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Benefits of Industrial Spraying Cladding

Take a look at some of the most significant benefits provided by our cladding paint spraying service:
  • Prolongs the lifespan of cladding.
  • Cost effective, letting you avoid an expensive replacement.
  • Quick turnaround, as it is 7 times faster than traditional painting.
  • Ideal for rebranding because it is available in any colour.
  • Provides excellent protection against weathering & sun damage.
  • Increases the value of your premises.
  • Treats cut edge corrosion & prevents further rusting.
  • 10-25 year warranties.
  • Like-new spray finish – there are no brush or roller marks.

Guide to Cladding Paint System

1 Prepare the surface by pressure washing.
As qualified cladding painting contractors, we use an industrial degreaser and fungicidal wash to clean the cladding in preparation. Over time, the plastisol coating can become defective and debond from the metal substrate. Pressure washing at 3000 psi will remove any defective and poorly adhering coatings.

2 Rub down any loose edges and treat cut edge corrosion.
Our team abrades the cladding, (especially the defective areas) to ensure we have removed all of the loose and poorly bonded parts.

Any areas of cut-edge corrosion are removed and treated to prevent further damage.

3 Fill any holes & remove any signs.
Small dents can be made good with filler, and large dents may need sections of cladding replaced – we have a solution for every kind of damage! We would try to source the same profile of cladding so that the changes are unified with the original surface.



4 Mask to protect sensitive areas of the building.
We will mask areas to ensure all signs, lights, windows, and brickwork are protected from overspray.

Our teams also ensure nearby cars are protected before starting cladding spraying.

5 Apply spray coatings.
We are trained through IPAF to use cherry pickers.

Before the spray coatings are applied, make sure any nearby vehicles are protected or moved. Our teams can work weekends and out-of-hours to minimise disruption to your business and let your company function normally during its working hours.


Cladding Spray Coatings

As professional cladding painting contractors, we do our utmost to meet all of your requirements and expectations. For this reason, we use high-quality spray coatings only, sourced from trusted and approved suppliers.

Here are the materials we use for our industrial cladding spraying services along with their multiple advantages:

Cladding Paint Spraying Case Studies

Ruark Audio, Southend

Our team carried out this industrial cladding spraying project in the Summer of 2021. The defective coatings were removed by pressure wash using a turbo nozzle.

We then rubbed down & filled any holes to make it look almost like new. The red, white, and blue cladding coatings were applied, transforming these 2 industrial units and giving a 15-year expected lifespan.



We were called to the Archive warehouse to carry out a 4000m2 cladding paint spraying project at their Rainham site. It was flaking and in a mid-brown colour, so it definitely didn’t look appealing. First our operatives degreased, then 4000psi pressure washed to remove flaking coatings. Then, we primed bare metal with Zinsser Allcoat and applied a coat of Noxyde to all areas. The top band, windows and shutters were highlighted in a darker anthracite grey so that they could look more professional and visually appealing.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, painting metal cladding is a regular practice. It will prevent the need for costly replacement and can extend the lifespan of your cladding by 15-20 years, depending on the system chosen.

Yes, wood cladding can be sprayed as well. By spraying, you can achieve a like-new finish without brush and roller marks. It is also faster than traditional painting.

We have carried out not only large-scale industrial cladding spraying projects but also worked on blocks of flats and schools, for example.


Yes, asbestos cladding can be painted, too.
The first stage would be to prepare the asbestos and remove any organic growth. This must be done by HSE guidelines to be completely legal and safe.
Once prepared, a protective asbestos coating can be applied to provide an extended lifespan and prevent further breakdown and shedding of the asbestos.

Cladding sheets are manufactured with protective coatings, but when they’re cut to size, the edges remain exposed. If left unchecked, this can cause rust and weaken the integrity of these panels – leading to leaks that require costly replacements! They should always be properly maintained and fixed whenever necessary so that they don’t harm the integrity of your building.

Treating cut-edge corrosion will improve the lifespan of your cladding and prevent costly replacements.

We can treat it with 3000 psi pressure washing, and we use hand grinders to remove any rust.
Once preparation is complete, we fill any gaps using a flexible sealant.
Some systems use flexible tape applied to the cut-edge overlaps to protect these areas from further corrosion. We will talk over every cladding paint spraying project with you and adjust it to your individual needs and capabilities.


Leaks are most likely from corrosion to cut edges or defective seals around roof lights.
We are able to treat cut-edge corrosion and replace seals, then carry out roof and cladding spraying, giving around 15 years of extended lifespan.

We are also able to carry out shopfront spraying. A cost-effective way to modernise your business image, rebrand, and stand out from the competition. As your facilities will present better to potential business partners or customers, they may be more willing to trust you and cooperate with your company.

Corrugated metal can be painted by brush and mini roller, but for large areas it is around 7 times quicker to spray apply using an airless sprayer.

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Andy MearAndy Mear
19:08 24 Oct 22
Anglia Decor repaired and externally painted windows on a large Victorian building (30+ apartments), entrance doors and iron works. They were professional, responsive and did a great job - Thank you
Andrew FelsteadAndrew Felstead
10:33 30 Sep 22
I can highly recommend Anglia Decor. Steve looked at our difficult industrial floor refurb job. He gave great advice on the selection of products and colours. When it came to the actual work, Steve was involved in the preparation and coating. Always with a smile, calmly dealing with issues and the finer details of the work. Good value as well. One of the best experiences I've had in dealing with contractors.
James WyattJames Wyatt
09:05 22 Sep 22
Called Steve at Anglia Decor for a dilapidations exterior metal cladding quote, that needed doing relatively quickly. Steve was amazing, professional and so knowledgably. He quickly priced the job from Google maps and sent a man to start within days! This is 5 star customer service and the price was excellent. The job was completed this week and is excellent. Thank you Steve, Warren and the team. Great work!
09:25 14 Sep 22
We've used Anglia Decor at our school premises for a few years now, and we're always happy with both the service and the result, as well as their cost.Strongly recommend them.
07:29 23 Aug 22
Great last minute job, nothing was too much trouble for these guys. Very helpful!
Sarah TSarah T
08:11 26 Jul 22
I would highly recommend this company. Very good quality workmanship, very efficient. I would definitely use them again.
Mr PeterMr Peter
14:31 13 Jun 22
Steve gave good advice and always answered his phone and responded to emails. He prepared my garage floor and coated it with an epoxy resin product. It was an overall good experience and the work conducted in a professional and caring manner.
Dave WoodDave Wood
12:59 13 Jun 22
Anglia Decor recently painted the outside of our Industrial Unit in Bury St Edmunds. Great care and time was taken in preparing the external surface and the finish is great. Warren was very friendly and professional in his approach. Highly receommended A*
Martin BorleyMartin Borley
14:30 30 Mar 22
Competitively priced, polite, clean working and very professional from start to finish. I cannot fault Steve Massey and Anglia Decor team for their hard work in record time to one of our commercial units in December 2021.
Luca ParrellaLuca Parrella
08:35 17 Mar 22
Amazing service, fast and clean they have sanded painted in just under two days, all the metal work of a 400sqm building, not a drop of paint on the floor. Well done
Jack stillJack still
16:41 24 Feb 22
Done a very job on restoring an old plant room floor, will be looking to use Anglia Decor for more work in the future.
Ian McDonaldIan McDonald
15:57 01 Feb 22
Great quality and faultless workmanship - wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use again.
Aron OlleyAron Olley
21:14 09 Nov 21
Anglia Decor did an amazing job for us on a 18th century Manor House the attention to detail as usual is amazing a very professional company with a great team working for them.They were able to demonstrate previous works in this field which gave confidence to the clientThey are back there soon to complete further works on the internal hallway.The repair system they use is really good as are the products.We Look forward to working with you soon Steve and team
Lindsey DidhamLindsey Didham
13:02 01 Sep 21
A really professional service, and would highly recommend.
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