Epoxy Resin Flooring

Industrial epoxy resin flooring

Epoxy resin coatings are an ideal flooring solution for industrial units and warehouses. Bare concrete tends to become dusty, porous and hard to clean. Air quality is significantly lower for warehouses with bare concrete floors. Epoxy resin coatings can also provide increased organisation for the workplace by adding pedestrian and traffic routes, cross hatching to ensure certain areas are kept clear of goods and anti slip areas on entrance areas that are likely to become slippery when wet.
Once epoxy resin coatings are installed they can be walked on the following day. Our teams are able to work weekend and night shifts to minimise disruption to your workplace.
We have installed resin coatings to a variety of workplace environments including; print manufacturing, transport and haulage industry, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, food manufacturing industry, MOT stations, flood barriers, ambulance stations, car sales showrooms, boiler rooms and churches.

At Anglia Décor we aim to provide a professional industrial flooring service at competitive rates. Don’t take our word for it, read some of the testimonials and reviews from recent clients.

Should you have issues with slippery surfaces affecting the safety of forklift traffic we are able to install anti skid entrance ways at junctions where forklifts enter your warehouse or industrial unit.

For areas requiring fast turnaround we use polyaspartic coatings that reach full cure in less that 6 hours. We carried out an anti slip clear polyaspartic floor coating at Tate Modern in 2018. The 3200m2 coating protected a heat sensitive artwork on the Turbine floor. We also completed a 2000m2 project at Edmonton green shopping centre working night shifts to allow the area to stay open throughout.

Epoxy resin flooring for factories and warehouses

Anglia Decor is well experienced in epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic resin flooring systems. We carry out flooring services for well known brands such as Proctor & Gamble, The London Taxi Company and Direct Line Group. Epoxy resin flooring is a cost effective solution for a variety of sectors and we are able to work with you to find a system that best suits your needs.

Our flooring systems start with dust free preparation, diamond grinders and vacublast machines are attached to industrial vacuums. Once the floor preparation is complete we vacuum the floor and fill any minor imperfections. Our flooring operatives will then roller or squeegee apply 2 coats of epoxy resin coating giving a typical dry film thickness of 400-500 microns. The finished project is 7 times thicker than standard floor paint and also more durable and resistant to scratches. For industries that require increased scratch resistance we are able to apply an additional polyurethane top coat in the same colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What different types of resin coatings are available?
Solvent free, 400-500 microns come in any colour. Solvent based, 200 microns dry film thickness, water permeable, 200 microns dft, polyaspartic coatings, 300 microns dft, polyurethane coatings, 300 microns dft, sandwich systems incorporating an aggregate scatter between coats, 500-700 dft. Also flow applied systems giving between 2mm-5mm dft.
The most popular coating used is a solvent free 2 coats resin coating. Visit our gallery for examples of recently completed projects.

Are epoxy resin floors durable?
Yes epoxy flooring is very durable, 7 times thicker than standard floor paint and well suited to the industrial sector.

Will it make our workplace smell during / after installation?
Solvent free & water based resin coatings are very low odour that will not create a smell. Solvent based floor paints create a smell during installation.

Can you carry out our whole warehouse floor at the weekend?
Yes, we work weekend shifts to minimise disruption.

Do you give a warranty on the finished floor?
Yes we give a 12 month warranty on all work. After 12 months an industrial floor is unlikely to devolop issues with de-laminating or de-bonding from the concrete.

Are there any cheaper options than epoxy resin?
Marking out pedestrian walkways will reduce the risk of accidents and keep the workplace organised.
To reduce dust levels, use a dustproofer / concrete sealer.

    Pedestrian walkways & goods bays.

    We can help you meet HSE guidelines on separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Epoxy resin walkways provide a cost effective solution to improving the safety of employees and visitors in the workplace.

    Pedestrian walkways can be created in bright colours to ensure the separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We are also able to create zebra crossings, crosshatch areas and goods bays to increase safety in the workplace and meet HSE guidelines on safety in the workplace.

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    Benefits of epoxy resin flooring

    Reduced dust levels. Improved air quality, helps increase lifespan of machinery

    Ease of cleaning. Epoxy resin coatings are less porous than bare concrete.

    Brighter premises.  Created from a gloss finish light coloured floor.

    Chemically resistant. Chemical spills can be contained and easily removed.

    Reduced accidents. Safeguard your employees by installing pedestrian routes

    Anti slip. Create forklift traffic anti-slip entrance ways.

    Cost effective. A competitively priced flooring solution.

    Increased durability. Floor less likely to break up & crack.

    Case Study: Geeplus Ltd. Beckenham
    Our client had recently employed a builder to apply a resin coating to their 500m2 industrial unit. The builder didn’t remove an existing carpet adhesive or areas of self levelling screed. Within months the solvent based floor paint was de-bonding from the floor creating mess. Our team used PCD attachments on a ride on 3 phase grinder to remove the defective coating and adhesive. We then diamond grinded the floor to get back to a smooth like new surface. The floor was vacuumed and minor defects filled. We then applied 2 coats of a solvent free resin coating. This job was split in two sections to minimise disturbance.

    Industrial flooring

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