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Our Industrial Flooring Services

You can find some of our most popular industrial flooring services below!

Industrial Flooring Sealers

Floor sealers can be applied to bare industrial floors to strengthen the concrete and reduce dust levels. Floor sealers are clear, light duty, and come in water and solvent-based with a dry film thickness of up to 150 microns. Moreover, they can help to improve the air quality and are quick to install/apply. Thanks to concrete sealers, your industrial flooring will be safer to work on!

High-Build Solvent-Free Coatings

Interestingly, these coatings are 7 times thicker than standard floor paint. High-build coatings are generally solvent-free or polyurethane and are available in a variety of colours to match your design.

A typical project can be completed over a single weekend and is suitable for medium-duty industrial usage. What’s more, we can add an aggregate to create an anti-slip industrial floor to protect your employees from various accidents.

Polyaspartic Industrial Floor

market epoxy

Polyaspartic coatings reach full cure in 5 hours and are useful for projects requiring a very fast turnaround. They also perform well in very low temperatures, where standard resin coatings suffer delayed cure times. For this reason, they are ideal for cold rooms and winter environments where minimal downtime is needed.
One of the most impressive cases of installing industrial flooring in London was when we completed a 2000m2 shopping centre floor at Edmonton Green. Importantly, we were working night shifts to allow the shopping centre to remain open throughout the project so that our work did not affect the revenue.

Multi-Layer Industrial Flooring

Flake systems can be used to provide several layers of floor coatings with a decorative flake between the layers, making the industrial floor not only useful but also nice to look at. On top of that, flake systems give excellent anti-slip properties, so they increase the safety of work. Additionally, they can be top-coated with a durable polyurethane clear coat providing excellent scratch resistance.
Moreover, a polyaspartic quick cure top coat is also available for projects that need a quick turnaround. Flake systems are well suited to garages, car showrooms & reception areas and are used quite commonly in London or elsewhere. They are best maintained using a rotary scrubber dryer.

Case study: Industrial flooring

We carried out a diamond grind to this industrial floor & applied a high build solvent-free resin coating to this 1000m2 floor at Sudbury. All went smoothly and in accordance with the deadlines!

Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian walkways help workplaces meet HSE guidelines in separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic, so you should never forget to apply them. We are able to apply high-build resin coatings in the contrasting walkway and forklift traffic colours.
Furthermore, we can also install pedestrian crossings where vehicle routes cross pedestrian walkways to increase safety to an even higher degree. These coatings can be made anti-slip to prevent dangerous accidents.

Chemical-Resistant Industrial Epoxy Flooring

It’s worth knowing that our industrial flooring systems can be specified to withstand a variety of industrial chemicals. Resin floor systems can protect concrete and mezzanine wood floors from absorbing oil, detergents and fuel spillages. Many of the industrial floor jobs we carry out require repairs to defective areas, ensuring safety for forklift traffic & pedestrians.
We use epoxy repair mortar which cures stronger than the surrounding concrete, providing long-lasting repairs. Where floors are uneven it is possible to level by diamond grinding/scabbling to remove the top layer of concrete.

Flow-Applied Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We are able to repair poor quality, damaged, and uneven industrial floors using epoxy repair mortar & fill bolt holes. Once the major defects have been resolved, we can apply resin primer coats and finish the industrial floor with a 2-3mm flow-applied resin for even higher durability. This system provides a heavy-duty industrial epoxy flooring solution and is available in any colour to better suit your design.

epoxy flooring

Anglia Decor carries out industrial flooring installation across the UK, including London and Essex. The robust nature of our industrial flooring systems can increase safety and help keep your business better organised.

Industrial epoxy flooring can also limit the damage to floors caused by the daily use of forklifts and other industrial equipment. We can add hazard markings to restrict the parking of vehicles and pallets of goods. We can also create goods bays to mark goods for dispatch. We are flexible and willing to adjust our industrial flooring services to your individual needs!

epoxy flooring

Industrial Flooring - Essex

Our industrial flooring team is able to install pedestrian walkways in your workplace over a single weekend. This helps meet HSE guidelines on the separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and take care of your employees’ safety.

We are also able to apply anti-slip resin coatings to improve the level of safety in areas suffering frequent wetting or prone to oil spills.

Industrial flooring London

If you are looking for the most reliable industrial flooring companies in London, we are definitely the right choice for you. After working in this industry for a long time, we have collected many positive opinions from our previous customers.

Case Study: Gee Plus Beckenham

 We were called to Gee Plus to help fix a poorly installed floor coating that caused difficulties while using it.

It turned out that the builder had not prepared the floor to remove carpet adhesive but just painted over, which is a significant mistake. As a result, the solvent-based paint reacted to the adhesive and started flaking within weeks.

Our team removed the coating and adhesive, we then filled the imperfections and applied 2 coats of high-build resin coating. The image shows the floor after our professional industrial flooring team has taken care of it.

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