Health and safety

We can act as principal contractor on HSE notifiable projects. This applies if a project is scheduled to last more than 30 working days, and it will have more than 20 workers working at the same time at any point in the building project. Or if the construction work has more than 500 person days.
HSE notifiable projects are most commonly found in cyclical decorating works, with decorations required to several blocks of flats or one large tower block. Here the principal contractor is appointed to oversee other trades and ensure:

Competency of trades carrying out work on site.
Insurance details of all contractors working on site.
Sign in / out book & ensure it is used.
Rams are produced, signed and kept on site.
Accident book on site.
First aid box.
Site inductions carried out.
Welfare facilities available, including mess room, drying room, hot and cold running water.
Ensure trades wearing correct PPE.

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