Concrete Sealer and dust proofing industrial floors

DustprooferDusty concrete can cause problems to expensive machinery and once airborne poses a risk to health if breathed in. It also makes more work in the way of cleaning and general maintenance.
Dustproofing  is a cost effective way to harden your concrete floor, make it more robust and reduce the issue of dust. The floor needs to be in good condition and dustproofing will not give your floor resistance to chemicals & acid.

New Slabs.
We can apply a concrete sealer to your new concrete slab, ensuring it stays in good condition and keeping dust levels at a minimum.

Old Slabs- Clean & Seal.
After years of heavy usage your industrial floor will have picked up wear and tear, forklift tyre marks, discolouration and even surface breakdown. We can clean your floor using chemicals and scrubber dryers to remove the worst of the grime. Once cleaned we fix broken areas of your slab with epoxy repair mortar. To finish we apply a concrete sealer / concrete hardener that will keep the floor in great shape for years to come.

Concrete Polish and Seal.
Should your floor be in a poor condition we are able to polish the slab to give it a new concrete look. This will remove the top layers from the floor, leveling the high spots and can be finished off with a concrete hardener.

Dust proofing will not give industrial floors protection for chemical spills or oil spills. To protect your floor from damage caused by spills visit our industrial floor painting page.


Case study: Concrete sealing London.

We carried out a diamond grind to this industrial floor in London & applied 2 coats of concrete sealer. The video shows the application of 2nd coat by sprayer and back roll. This industrial unit was a film set for an upcoming movie, ‘Cash Truck.’ The movie set had areas of the floor painted. These coatings had to be removed when handing back the industrial unit.


Concrete sealing is a cost effective solution to reduce dust levels.

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