Guide to floor painting

Epoxy Flooring

The benefits of epoxy resin flooring:
Easy to clean & avoids oil soaking into concrete
Hardwearing & durable,
Visual improvement
Chemical resistance
Long lifespans, average usage 5 years expected lifespan
Economical flooring solution

Epoxy floor paint chart

Floor ProTect high build resin coating.

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to oil, chemical and salt contamination.
  • Flexible and able to resist cracking.
  • Cost effective industrial flooring solution
  • Long lasting & durable
  • 5kg £75 inc vat

Resin staircases are a cost effective flooring solution. Benefits include being a hygienic surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
The coating can be made anti slip if required and we are able to install safety step edges.

Large staircases can be completed quickly to minimise downtime.

We are also able to remove existing carper and grind back adhesive to refurbish old staircases.


Concrete sealing offers a low cost option for bare concrete surfaces. Some concrete floors can be very powdery and with frequent fork lift traffic create dust in the workplace. This can be a problem for staff as concrete dust is very hazardous to health. Dustproofer and concrete hardener can be spray applied and helps improve the air quality. It comes in water and solvent based versions.
Our team would usually diamond grind the floor then spray apply 2 coats of dustproofer, can be fitting into a weekend to minimise distrubance to your business.

Epoxy Flooring

Pedestrian walkways help meet HSE guidelines by separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We are also able to carry out zebra crossings to denote a hazardous area at traffic junctions and give pedestrians the right of way. Line marking can help increase efficiency and organisation.

Pedestrian walkways work best in 2 contrast colours, the yellow edging is not required and this reduces the cost of the flooring project.

disabled parking

Anglia Decor offer car park resin flooring, line marking and crosshatching. We are also able to carry out car park painting and spraying of walls and ceilings. Our high build resin floors will stand up to repeated vehicle traffic and can be made anti slip if required. Bare concrete car park floors can create lots of dust and are difficult to clean.
Line markings, disabled spaces, crosshatching & walkways

epoxy flooring before

We offer a range of industrial flooring solutions. Improve the finish of your industrial floor with a heavy duty and long lasting coating.
Ensure your industrial floor is protected from high traffic usage.
Over time old concrete floors can become damaged and uneven, we are able to repair using epoxy repair mortar.
Anglia Decor carry out industrial flooring to Warehouses, factories, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and print.
Our clients include, Proctor & Gamble, Ford, Toyota, Arrival & The Environment Agency.

Epoxy Flooring

Solvent free high build resin coatings provide long lasting protection for your industrial floor.
Typical specification:
Diamond grind floor & vac to remove dust
Fill any imperfections
Apply 2 coats of high build resin coating
12 month warranty

epoxy flooring

Our floor painter teams are able to complete projects quickly
Well experienced and trained operatives, SSSTS, Ferfa surface preparation, Asbestos awareness.
Established company with 5 star reviews, references available.
Commercial and Industrial floor painting projects
Nationwide coverage at competitive rates

Epoxy Flooring

Industrial floor painting projects can transform your workplace. Epoxy resin industrial coatings provide a long lasting economical flooring solution.
Food and beverage industries
Printing industry


FeRFA trained in floor preparation.

Thorough preparation of your floor is the crucial part of the project that provides a longer lasting finished job and avoids flaking, debonding and other issues.
Power floated, smooth concrete floors are often found in warehouses and industrial units. Floor coatings do not adhere well to smooth surfaces. To overcome this problem we either diamond grind or shot blast (vacu-blast) the smooth concrete prior to painting.

Our diamond grinders are attached to industrial vacuums to make the process virtually dust free. We are also able to remove old defective coatings, prior to our floor painting team applying the new epoxy resin coating.

Read more about epoxy resin flooring here.

Sectors covered

Commercial Offices.
Epoxy resin floors are a modern and cost effective choice for office floors. We recently completed a resin floor at the well-known online design company, Dezeen’s office in London

Print & packaging Industry.
High performance flooring systems are needed to cope with the demands placed on floors in the print industry. With machinery running 24/7 it is crucial again to minimise downtime and complete flooring projects quickly. Keeping dust levels to a minimum and improving air quality will see improved lifespans and less downtime for print machinery.

Our experience in floor preparation will remove grease, old paint & surface contamination. We then carry out repairs to uneven surfaces using epoxy repair mortar, to provide level and even floor surfaces that are traffic safe.

Automotive resin flooring.
At Anglia Décor we understand the need for minimal downtime while completing flooring projects. We are able to carry out large areas over a single weekend. We have worked for well known brands such as The London Taxi Company, Arrival and Toyota. We also install line markings and crosshatching around pit areas and carry out pedestrian walkways.

Food and drink industries.
Anglia Decor have carried out resin flooring projects for several food and beverage companies including, Twinings and Fourpure. We can offer a fast turnaround and weekend projects to minimise disruption to your business..

If you just paint a floor without preparation it will probably only last a few weeks or months before flaking.
You will then need to touch up flaking areas or remove the paint and start again.
It is advised to prepare the floor by diamond grinding. Hire a machine or find a specialist. Also can acid etch bare concrete.

Solvent free & water based resin coatings are low odour that will not create a smell. Solvent based floor paints create a smell during installation.

All floor paints are self priming. That said, it can be thinned by solvent, white spirit or water depending on the type of paint. This will help adhesion on the first coat.

A high build solvent free resin coating is the most durable type of floor paint. A 2 coat roller applied system will meet industrial usage and give a dry film thickness of 400 microns, 7 times thicker than standard paint.
The same coating can be applied at 2-3mm thick for even more durability.
Check Resdev Pumatect.

Once cured floor paint is fully washable. Small areas can be mopped and larger areas can be cleaned using a scrubber dryer.

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