Health and Safety

At Anglia Decor, the Health & Safety culture is ingrained into our company. We maintain top standards across all of our operations, including training our contractors. Having qualified staff is directly linked to the high quality of our services; hence, all of our employees go through rigorous training.


The training requirement we have at Anglia Decor is aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and clients. We take yearly health checks, enrollment to new courses, and refreshing gained skills seriously.  


Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it’s a testament to our dedication to safety.


As a Chas-accredited company for health and safety, Anglia Decor employs HS Direct for health and safety advice. Besides, our staff has the following qualifications: 

contractors working on a project

IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely is a certificate our employees have received for completing the course on managing health and safety responsibilities in the workplace. 

Our expert contractors are able to:

  • Assess the risks and hazards and apply acquired knowledge to control them 
  • Investigate incidents and identify the causes 
  • Have a clear understanding of one’s responsibilities for safety and health 

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)

Our supervisors are obliged to successfully complete the SSSTS course, which aims to improve their responsibilities to control the safety and health of the team and identify the method statement suitable for a risk assessment. 

Besides, they are also qualified to: 

  • Stop and prevent bad practices when any are spotted 
  • Brief the whole team about the safety and risks of each project 
  • Monitor and keep track of every step of the process 

The validity of this certification is 5 years, upon the due date of which our supervisors take a refresher course.

IPAF for Safe Cherry Picker Usage

A cherry picker is an equipment we often use at our construction sites and knowing how to operate it correctly is imperative to keeping our employees safe. Hence, the IPAF course is the first stop for any of our employees who want to work with this piece of equipment.

Our contractors are equipped with knowledge about safe operation methods and potential hazards. Other than learning the theory during the course, practical training is a must-attend requirement for everyone. Only after a successful completion can our staff join the project where a cherry picker is involved.

When the validity of the certificate expires, we direct our employees to a refresher course.

PASMA for Mobile Towers

Our services often involve mobile towers, which would be impossible without a certification from PASMA. Our staff is trained in erecting, dismantling, and inspecting towers before anyone climbs them and after to ensure there are no defects. 

Working at Height

This course is taken only by the employees who feel confident working at height. It informs them of risks and practical ways to prevent unfortunate falls. 

Although a short course, our staff is well-informed and aware of how to stay safe at height when working.

Ladder Training

Although ladders are often treated as a common piece of equipment in many households and workplaces, working at height on a ladder may lead to avoidable risks. 

Not only are our employees who are in direct contact with the equipment but also our supervisors are trained in how to maintain safe environments through theory and practice.

Emergency First Aid at Work

An Emergency First Aid course is a must for an employee working in a helpdesk to a contractor operating a cherry picker. 

We prioritise the safety of every member of our company, which means each of them is competent enough to provide first aid until healthcare professionals take over the situation.

Asbestos Awareness Training

A wide range of manufactured goods contain highly toxic chemicals like asbestos. Our employees take an extensive course on asbestos awareness that covers information about the types, uses, and risks of asbestos. 

Our contractors know the health and safety practices that need to be followed to minimise exposure to the chemical and how to act in case of emergency.

FeRFA Floor Preparation

One of our primary services includes offering various flooring solutions. They, in turn, involve the floor preparation before applying the coating. 

This pre-preparation step is imperative to the floor solution to properly cover the whole area and cure in a way that is durable and retains its original qualities. 

Our floor contracts acquire the following skills after completing the training, some of which include:

  • Correct removal of existing paints and sealants 
  • Preparing the floor of any material before a solution is applied 
  • Grinding the surface to achieve smooth and clean flooring
  • Using the necessary machinery and equipment for floor preparation

If you have any questions or doubts concerning our health and safety policy, feel free to contact us!

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