Industrial Floor Painting

Industrial Floor Painters

Industrial floor painters applying first coat of epoxy resin coating
Case study: Arcese Ltd. Our team of industrial floor painters carried out 2500m2 of floors in 2 sections. We diamond-grinded the floor and then vacuumed any residual dust. Our team applied 2 coats of high-build resin coating to give a finish 7 times thicker than paint
Anglia Decor is an industrial flooring contractor working nationwide. We use dust-free diamond grinding and vacuum blasting to prepare industrial floors for durable and long-lasting industrial floor coatings. There is no need to repaint your industrial floors every year due to flaking and poorly adherent coatings. Give us a call to arrange a free quote, and our team of industrial floor contractors can provide a lasting epoxy resin floor. With years of experience as floor painting contractors, we are the company to call when looking to upgrade your warehouse or factory floors. Our industrial floor painter teams are able to complete large industrial flooring anywhere in the UK within a single weekend, minimising disturbance and downtime. We are also able to install pedestrian walkways and traffic routes to ensure safe interaction between vehicles & pedestrians.

Benefits of Industrial Floor Painting

  • Reduced dust levels & improved air quality.
  • Brighter and easier to clean.
  • Increased durability and chemical resistance.
  • More organised & improved safety using line markings and cross-hatching.
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be made anti-slip for added safety
Forklift traffic can become hazardous, especially in wet conditions at entrance junctions to warehouses. Smooth industrial concrete floors become very slippery, resulting in skids and an increased risk of accidents. Our industrial floor painting contractors are able to install anti-slip epoxy resin coatings at entrance junctions to minimise this risk. Anglia Decor can create crosshatch areas to restrict parking in problem areas. We also apply line markings and goods bays to help organise and increase efficiency in the workplace. Zebra crossings can be placed where pedestrian walkways cross traffic routes to ensure higher safety of employees and visitors.  

Industrial Floor Painters

Anglia Decor’s team of industrial floor painters covers a range of sectors for industrial flooring:

  • automotive,
  • print industry,
  • plant rooms,
  • storage,
  • food and drink industry,
  • clean rooms,
  • car park.

Industrial floors can suffer damage and become uneven with heavy industrial use, creating a hazard for pallet and forklift traffic. We can carry out concrete repairs using epoxy repair mortar, providing a lasting solution that is much stronger than the surrounding concrete. Should you have slabs at different levels causing a danger to forklift traffic, we can reduce the profile change using scabbling machines and diamond grinders.

Read more on industrial flooring here.

completed industrial floor painting job at Rainham for just drinks Ltd.

Which paint is the best floor paint for industrial surfaces?

Floor ProTect,  is a high-build resin warehouse floor paint that gives a dry film thickness of 400 microns for a 2-coat system. It comes in any RAL or BS colour, and it is very durable. The typical lifespan for this coating, if carried out with diamond grinding preparation, is around 5 years. Not suitable for new concrete, it may take up to a year for moisture levels to become normal. Not U.V. stable, avoid using white as it can discolour.

Water-based epoxy coatings give a dry film thickness of 200 microns for a 2-coat system. Also available in any RAL or BS colour. This system is less durable than solvent-free due to its thickness. Water-permeable types of coatings can be used on new concrete after 3-4 weeks. They can also be over-coated with a solvent-free system once the relative humidity of the concrete returns to normal levels. The expected lifespan is 3-4 years, depending on traffic exposure.

The best option for UV stability is Polyurethane resin coatings give a dry film thickness of 200 microns for a 2-coat system. The benefits of a polyurethane coating include increased scratch resistance, flexibility and U.V. stability. We choose this type of coating for line marking projects in car parks. Comes in any RAL or BS colour. It can be used as a top coat over a solvent-free system for added durability.

A dustproofer does not give the same benefits as an epoxy resin coating, but it can strengthen bare concrete and provide a shorter-term solution to reduce dust- dustproofer / concrete sealer.
Carrying it out in-house will reduce the cost of an epoxy resin flooring project. We are able to offer preparation by diamond grinding and supply of coatings for in-house application.
Marking out pedestrian walkways and applying coloured resin will reduce the risk of accidents and keep the workplace organised.

Polyaspartic coatings give a dry film thickness of 250 microns for a 2-coat system. The main advantage of this coating is the fast cure, even at very low temperatures. Suitable for cold rooms and jobs that need to be re-coated within 3 hours and reach complete cure in 6 hours. It can give a 3-4 year life span depending on usage, possibly longer.Toggle Content

Standard floor paint gives a dry film thickness of 60 microns for a 2-coat system. We don’t carry out these coatings unless asked, as they do not give long lifespans due to the limited thickness of the coating. Comes in any BS or RAL colour. The expected lifespan is 1 year if it deals with foot traffic only. Bets to avoid if the area is being used for vehicle traffic. .

Industrial Flooring at Boston Garage

Video showing the finished 400m2 floor in a light and dark grey solvent-free resin coating.

Pedestrian Walkways at Nico Manufacturing

Video showing walkways after preparation, ready for our team of floor painting contractors to apply a solvent free anti-slip resin coating. 

Guide to Industrial Floor Painting

Step 1: Prepare the floor
We use diamond grinders to remove the top layer of existing paint or concrete. Most floors are power-floated and too shiny for epoxy resin to adhere to – if painted they will flake quickly.

The diamond grinder will create a textured surface that the resin can stick to and create a long-lasting job.

It is possible to hire diamond grinders from a local tool hire shop. Remember always hire an industrial vacuum to collect the dust.
Wear an FFP3 dust mask when diamond grinding the floor, as the dust from industrial concrete floors is very hazardous to health and can cause silicosis if breathed in.


Step 2: Apply epoxy resin coatings

Epoxy resin coatings consist of a base and hardener part. We use a screw gun with mixing paddle attached to mix the 2 parts together for 1-2 mins. Once the coating is mixed you will have around 30 minutes of spot life to apply before the coating becomes too thick and unusable.

Pour some of the mixed coating into a paint kettle and cut in the edges with a brush.

We pour the resin in a line across the floor and then use a squeegee to spread it to the desired thickness. We then back roll the resin to ensure it looks uniform.
This process can be done by wearing spiked shoes. It gives a dry film thickness of around 200 microns per coat.

Plant Room Flooring

Case Study: Import Export Building

Our team carried out this plant room industrial flooring project in 2022.
We prepared the floor with a str701 grinder. Any imperfections were filled.
Our team masked the walkways and applied 2 coats of resin coating. We then masked the grey and applied 2 coats of light grey.

This project ensured the floor was waterproof and able to contain any leaking pumps.
Read more on plant room flooring here.

Factory Floor Painters.

Factory floors require a durable coating that will be easy to clean and stand up to forklift and pallet truck usage.
We suggest using a solvent-free high-build coating for factory floor painting projects. High-build coatings give a 400-micron dry film thickness and are very durable, usually lasting 5 years. We prepare the existing coating using diamond grinders to ensure the new coating will adhere.

Our factory floor painters are able to complete projects over weekends.Choosing us over other industrial floor companies, you can be assured that you invest in a high-quality and time-efficient service.

We can provide references from existing clients, are Chas accredited for health and safety and provide a 12- month warranty on all work. Call us today to arrange a free quotation.

completed industrial flooring project at Schlegelese, Henlow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Factors affecting cost:

  • Where you are located.
  • Amount of floor preparation needed.
  • Concrete, wood or tiled existing substrate.
  • Industrial or domestic usage.
  • Installation on weekend or weekdays.
  • Colour of the warehouse floor painted required – white and red are more expensive.

Epoxy floors can be scratched if a pallet is dragged across the surface.
It is important to let staff know to take care to raise pallets off the floor.

What’s more, epoxy flooring is not UV stable, so it will yellow over time. This yellowing is not as evident in greys and strong colours. If you decide on white or light greys, they will need a UV-stable topcoat.

Apart from that, epoxy can feel cold in the winter as it will be at the same temperature as the concrete slab.

On top of that, epoxy floors can become slippery when wet. There are two solutions to this problem – either matting at entranceways or choosing an anti-slip epoxy floor or choosing an anti slip epoxy floor will help.

With thorough preparation and if you use an epoxy resin, paint jobs will last around 4-5 years.

If you just paint a concrete floor without preparation, it will not last very long. Even power-floated concrete needs preparation by diamond grinding to ensure the paint can adhere to the concrete.

This is a standard warehouse floor paint colour chart. It is also possible to get any RAL or BS colour code mixed in floor paints.

Fish eyes are circular defects caused when the industrial floor paint is not sticking to the floor. Usually caused by contamination, oil or silicone.

It’s possible to diamond grind the tiles to create a textured surface that can be painted. The ridges in the tile edges may be visible after painting.

Yes, epoxy gives extra protection as it is 7 times thicker than standard paint. It is also more resistant to chemical spills.

If you drop a metal tool on a painted floor, it can chip. The good news is that it can be touched up. Always keep the same colour as a touch-up paint.
Yes, it is important to ventilate the areas being painted. Solvent-based floor paints do create a strong smell while curing. This will dissipate over 48 hours. Using water-based epoxy will reduce the smell by 90%.
An industrial floor polish will level up the imperfections on any surface. In order to provide the highest protection, you usually need from 1 to 5 coats, but the exact number can vary depending on a particular floor, and it needs to be determined by a professional industrial flooring contractor

Industrial flooring needs to be strong enough to withstand heavy loads and a lot of foot traffic. For this reason, it needs to be very durable and resistant to mechanical damage. What’s more, depending on the industry, it may also be adjusted to deal with chemicals or other difficult circumstances.

Thanks to experienced industrial flooring contractors like Anglia Decor, you can make your warehouse or factory better prepared for what needs to be done there, and you can increase its safety as well as aesthetics.

Why choose Anglia Decor

  1. Members of the Painting & Decorating Association (PDA)
  2. Read our 30+ google reviews, check what our recent customers have said about the service provided.
  3. Trained by Ferfa in floor preparation
  4. We provide 12 month warranties on all work
  5. Chas and Constructionline accredited
  6. Professional company with well trained staff
  7. Able to carry out projects at weekends
  8. Nationwide coverage for large scale projects



Buy epoxy floor paint

Floor ProTect epoxy floor paint is a high build solvent free epoxy resin coating suitable for industrial usage.
Benefits of Floor ProTect:

  • 7 times thicker than paint
  • Non flaking
  • Gloss finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in any colour
  • Typical 5 year lifespan
  • Durable
Andy MearAndy Mear
19:08 24 Oct 22
Anglia Decor repaired and externally painted windows on a large Victorian building (30+ apartments), entrance doors and iron works. They were professional, responsive and did a great job - Thank you
Andrew FelsteadAndrew Felstead
10:33 30 Sep 22
I can highly recommend Anglia Decor. Steve looked at our difficult industrial floor refurb job. He gave great advice on the selection of products and colours. When it came to the actual work, Steve was involved in the preparation and coating. Always with a smile, calmly dealing with issues and the finer details of the work. Good value as well. One of the best experiences I've had in dealing with contractors.
James WyattJames Wyatt
09:05 22 Sep 22
Called Steve at Anglia Decor for a dilapidations exterior metal cladding quote, that needed doing relatively quickly. Steve was amazing, professional and so knowledgably. He quickly priced the job from Google maps and sent a man to start within days! This is 5 star customer service and the price was excellent. The job was completed this week and is excellent. Thank you Steve, Warren and the team. Great work!
09:25 14 Sep 22
We've used Anglia Decor at our school premises for a few years now, and we're always happy with both the service and the result, as well as their cost.Strongly recommend them.
07:29 23 Aug 22
Great last minute job, nothing was too much trouble for these guys. Very helpful!
Sarah TSarah T
08:11 26 Jul 22
I would highly recommend this company. Very good quality workmanship, very efficient. I would definitely use them again.
Mr PeterMr Peter
14:31 13 Jun 22
Steve gave good advice and always answered his phone and responded to emails. He prepared my garage floor and coated it with an epoxy resin product. It was an overall good experience and the work conducted in a professional and caring manner.
Dave WoodDave Wood
12:59 13 Jun 22
Anglia Decor recently painted the outside of our Industrial Unit in Bury St Edmunds. Great care and time was taken in preparing the external surface and the finish is great. Warren was very friendly and professional in his approach. Highly receommended A*
Martin BorleyMartin Borley
14:30 30 Mar 22
Competitively priced, polite, clean working and very professional from start to finish. I cannot fault Steve Massey and Anglia Decor team for their hard work in record time to one of our commercial units in December 2021.
Luca ParrellaLuca Parrella
08:35 17 Mar 22
Amazing service, fast and clean they have sanded painted in just under two days, all the metal work of a 400sqm building, not a drop of paint on the floor. Well done
Jack stillJack still
16:41 24 Feb 22
Done a very job on restoring an old plant room floor, will be looking to use Anglia Decor for more work in the future.
Ian McDonaldIan McDonald
15:57 01 Feb 22
Great quality and faultless workmanship - wouldn't hesitate to recommend and use again.
Aron OlleyAron Olley
21:14 09 Nov 21
Anglia Decor did an amazing job for us on a 18th century Manor House the attention to detail as usual is amazing a very professional company with a great team working for them.They were able to demonstrate previous works in this field which gave confidence to the clientThey are back there soon to complete further works on the internal hallway.The repair system they use is really good as are the products.We Look forward to working with you soon Steve and team
Lindsey DidhamLindsey Didham
13:02 01 Sep 21
A really professional service, and would highly recommend.
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