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Industrial Floor Painting

Industrial Floor Painting

Anglia Decor have a team of experienced floor painters, as a small company we are able to offer competitive rates for large scale projects. We use dust free diamond grinding and vacu blasting to prepare industrial floors for durable and long lasting industrial floor coatings. Give us a call for a free, same day no obligation quotation.

With years of experience in industrial flooring we are the company to call when looking to upgrade warehouse or factory floors. Our industrial floor painters are able to complete large industrial floors within a single weekend, minimising disturbance and downtime.

We are also able to install pedestrian walkways and traffic routes, to ensure safe interaction between vehicles & pedestrians.
Forklift traffic can become hazardous, especially in wet conditions at entrance junctions to warehouses. Smooth concrete floors become very slippery, resulting in skids and increased risk of accidents. Our industrial floor painters are able to install anti slip epoxy resin coatings at entrance junctions to minimise this risk.
Anglia Decor can create crosshatch areas to restrict parking in problem areas. We also apply line markings and goods bays to help organise and increase efficiency in the workplace. Zebra crossings can be placed where pedestrian walkways cross traffic routes to ensure safety of employees and visitors.

Anglia Decor’s team of industrial floor painters cover a range of sectors for industrial flooring:
automotive, print industry, plant rooms, storage, food & drink industry, clean rooms and car parks.

Our clients enjoy the many benefits from industrial floor painting including:
* Reduced dust levels & improved air quality.
* Brighter and easier to clean.
* Stronger and chemically resistant.
* More organised & improved safety using line markings and cross hatching.

Industrial floors can suffer damage and become uneven with heavy industrial use, creating a hazard for pallet and fork lift traffic. We can carry out concrete repairs using epoxy repair mortar, providing a lasting solution that sets stronger than the surrounding concrete. Should you have slabs at different levels causing a danger to forklift traffic we can reduce the profile change using scabbling machines and diamond grinders.

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Industrial Floor Painters

Types of coatings

Solvent free high build coatings give a dry film thickness of 400 microns for a 2 coat system. They come in any RAL or BS colour and are very durable. Typical lifespan for this coating if carried out with diamond grinding preparation is around 4-5 years (dependent on usage). Not suitable for new concrete, may take up to a year for moisture levels to become normal. Not U.V. stable, avoid using white as can discolour.

Water based epoxy coatings give a dry film thickness of 200 microns for a 2 coat system. Also available in any RAL or BS colour. This system is less durable than solvent free due to the thickness. Water permeable types of coatings can be used on new concrete after 3-4 weeks. They can also be over coated with a solvent free system once the relative humidity of the concrete returns to normal levels. Expected lifespan 3-4 years depending on traffic exposure.

Polyurethane resin coatings give a dry film thickness of 200 microns for a 2 coat system. The benefits of a polyurethane coating include increased scratch resistance, flexability and U.V. stability. We choose this type of coating for line marking projects in car parks. Comes in any RAL or BS colour. Can be used as a top coat over a solvent free system for added durability.

A dustproofer does not give the same benefits as an epoxy resin coating, but it can strengthen bare concrete and provide a shorter term solution to reduce dust- dustproofer / concrete sealer.
Carrying out in house will reduce the cost of an epoxy resin flooring project. We are able to offer preparation by diamond grinding and supply of coatings for in house application.
Marking out pedestrian walkways and applying in coloured resin will reduce the risk of accidents and keep the workplace organise.


Polyaspartic coatings give a dry film thickness of 250 microns for a 2 coat system. The main advantage of this coating is the fast cure, even at very low temperatures. Suitable for cold rooms and jobs that need to be re coated within 3 hours and reach complete cure in 6 hours. Can give a 3-4 year life span depending on usage, possibly longer.Toggle Content

Standard floor paint gives a dry film thickness of 60 microns for a 2 coat system. We don’t carry out these coatings unless asked as they do not give long lifesapns due to the limited thickness of the coating. Comes in any BS or RAL colour. Expected lifespan 1 year if foot traffic only. Bets to avoid if area is being used for vehicle traffic.

Boston Garage Floor Painters

Video showing the finished 400m2 floor in light and dark grey solvent free resin coating.

Nico Manufacturing

Video showing walkways after preparation, ready for our team of floor painters to apply a solvent free anti slip resin coating. 

Why Choose Anglia Decor?

  • 5 star google reviews
  • Chas accredited for health and safety
  • Trading over 10 years, well established company
  • Can provide references on request
  • Cost effective rates for industrial floor painting
  • Well trained, Ferfa floor preparation
  • Long lasting flooring projects
  • Great rates on supply of epoxy resin
  • Helpful & courteous staff
  • 12 month warranties
  • Out of hours scheduling of jobs

Case Study: Tate Modern floor painting

Case Study: Anglia Decor’s industrial floor painters apply a protective polyaspartic coating at Tate Modern.

Cuban artist and activist Tania Bruguera and her team of artists installed a heat reactive artwork using thermochromic ink. The installation in the Turbine Hall presents migration as a never-ending crisis and reveals a photographic portrait of a Syrian refuge hidden beneath the floor.

The coating used was an anti slip version to ensure the ramp area had sufficient grip.

The video explains the artwork and its conception, an interesting interactive project that at first glance people may not notice notice.

Factory Floor Painters

Factory floors require a durable coating that will be easy to clean and stand up to forklift and pallet truck usage.
We suggest using a solvent free high build coating for factory floor painting projects. High build coatings give a 400 micron dry film thickness and are very durable, usually lasting 5 years. We prepare the existing coating using diamond grinders to ensure the new coating will adhere.

Our factory floor painters are able to complete projects over weekends.

We can provide references from existing clients, are Chas accredited for health and safety and provide a 12 month warranty on all work. Call us today to arrange a free quotation.