Render Cleaning

Render Cleaning

Render can suffer with mould and fungal discolouration and spoil the appearance of your home or workplace.
If you have a coloured monocouche or K-rend system it is easy to remove the mould using a chemical wash bringing back the render to nearly new appearance.

To carry out render cleaning we use Algopro clear, diluted as to TDS recommendations to remove light green algae growth. This product can be spray applied and makes the mould appear darker to start with. Over time rain washes the mould off and protects from coming back.

For darker mould a more aggressive product is required. Metaclear is a thick bleach that is roller applied to clean render. For heavily discoloured walls 2 or 3 applications can be required. Check the datasheet to ensure you are using the right personal protective equipment, goggles, gloves etc.


Case study: Render clean on 5 blocks of flats at Luton.

We carried out a cyclical redecoration & render clean on 5 blocks of flats in 2020.
Our operatives used cherry pickers to gain high level access, washed down fascias, soffits, windows and painted any previously painted railings etc.

Using Algopro Clear we sprayed the render to remove green mould growth. We roller applied Metaclear alkali gel and washed off, giving several applications.

The left hand pic is before application. RHS pic shows after first application to lower section before the tracked cherry picker was delivered.

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