Car Park Painting

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Car Park Painting & Line Marking

Anglia Decor’s team of car park painters are able to carry out long lasting resin flooring, line markings and spraying of ceilings and wall areas. We are  Chas accredited painting contractors with 5 star google reviews. We give a 12 month guarantee on all work completed and take pride in our work. Anglia Decor carry out a range of car park painting services across London, Essex and the home counties. Our team of car park painters are experienced in large scale projects and able complete projects quickly to minimise downtime. 

We offer a comprehensive range of car park painting services, including:

From small business car parks to large multi story car parks.
Using flexible high build 2 part polyurethane coatings that will last and stand up to high volume traffic.

We are also able to carry out no parking zones, crosshatching and signage to car park floors. Traffic routes and disabled parking signage can be applied in a variety of colours.

Resin and Polyurethane coatings are an ideal car park flooring solution. Providing long lasting lifespans to high traffic car park floors. Also providing the benefit of reducing dust levels and making floors easier to clean. With a variety of colours available, resin coatings offer a solution for setting out pedestrian and vehicle interaction, ensuring pedestrians safety.

We can repair damaged areas of car park flooring using epoxy repair mortar.

We provide painting by brush and roller or airless spraying. Ceilings to multistory car parks can be sprayed, a more economical method for large open areas. We can provide markings for pillars and walls to let customers know what area they parked in.

Removing existing markings from concrete can be done using diamond grinding and scabbling. It is also possible to apply a black or dark grey coating to cover existing coatings that are no longer required.

Helps meet HSE guidelines to separate pedestrians and vehicle traffic. A cost effective and fast way to improve safety.

Our car park painters are able to carry out airless spraying of large car park ceilings and walls. Fast turnaround and more cost effective. 

Benefits of Choosing Anglia Decor:

  • CHAS Accredited: We prioritize safety and adhere to industry standards.
  • 5-Star Google Reviews: We are committed to exceeding customer expectations.
  • 12-Month Guarantee: All our work is backed by a comprehensive guarantee.
  • Extensive Experience: Our team tackles projects of all sizes efficiently, minimizing downtime.
  • Nationwide Coverage: We cater to projects in London, Essex, and the Home Counties.

Frequently asked questions

For exposed decks a waterproof decking system like deckmaster is recomended. Intermediate car park decks are most suited to a high build solvent free resin coating or screed. Basement deck levels are most suited to a polyurethane screed to cope with rising damp.

For car park line marking we use a chlorinated rubber coating or high build resin like Pumatect V.

It depends if the lines need marking out for the first time or a simple refresh. Cost varies depending on the size of the project, larger jobs are more cost efefctive to complete than small projects.Get in touch and we can advise on a linear meter rate depending on the size of your job.

We use masking tape and then apply coatings with a mini roller or sprayer.

A dustproofer does not give the same benefits as an epoxy resin coating, but it can strengthen bare concrete and provide a shorter term solution to reduce dust- dustproofer / concrete sealer.
Carrying out in house will reduce the cost of an epoxy resin flooring project. We are able to offer preparation by diamond grinding and supply of coatings for in house application.
Marking out pedestrian walkways and applying in coloured resin will reduce the risk of accidents and keep the workplace organised

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Contact Anglia Decor for a free, no-obligation quote on your car park painting and line marking project. We’ll ensure your car park is safe, functional, and visually appealing.

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