Office decorating guide

Lighting- Choose LED low energy lighting options, to keep your office space bright and modern with the added benefit of low running costs!

Ceilings- Best keeping to white or off whites as these reflect light and make office spaces look larger. Choice of matt (flat) or silk (shiny). 

Walls- Choose hard wearing paints like diamond matt’s or acrylic eggshells. Neutral colours for main areas of walls work well. Recent study’s show saturated blue colours help alertness as they stimulate light from a daytime sky. Recently we see more demand for grey feature walls or light grey colour choices for office redecoration jobs. Feature walls can be created using Muraspec or wipe-able, Nobo board effect. Pick company branding for feature wall colours & to make areas stand out.

Woodwork- Choices of gloss, eggshell or satinwood sheen. We suggest keeping to oil based paints as they will wear better. Usually we see white woodwork for doors, frames and skirting boards. With the recent trend of greys over the last few years, we see more office colour schemes incorporating grey as a choice for woodwork. Make sure thorough preparation as woodwork has heavy duty usage and needs to withstand knocks.

Flooring- The choice between; carpet, tiles, lino or epoxy resin flooring. Carpet offers a good choice to absorb sound in  open plan office spaces. Tiled floors are a good choice for ease of cleaning and offer a long lifespan. Old tiled floors can be painted, remember the preparation is essential for it to last. We have carried out several resin floor floors to offices. Office floors are high duty usage especially around desks where chairs are moved frequently. It is important to choose an epoxy resin coating that will hold up to the environment. We painted this floor at the Dezeen offices in London. It was carried out in 2 sections to allow the desks and office furniture to be stored on the other side.