Pedestrian Walkways

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Improving safety with a pedestrian walkway

  • Pedestrians must be able to walk through the workplace safely without risk from forklift traffic in the same space.
  • Forklift and pedestrian routes should be clearly separated where possible.
  • Walkway routes can offer a degree of protection for staff, installation of barriers will increase the level of protection.
  • By law, traffic routes must be kept far enough away from doors, gates & pedestrian routes to ensure safety of staff and site visitors.

Car park pedestrian walkway routes

  • Pedestrians must also be able to walk from their car without risk from vehicle traffic in the same space. This applies to public car parks and busy workplace loading bays.
  • HGV and pedestrian routes should be clearly separated where possible. It can be difficult for HGV drivers to see pedestrians.
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Pedestrian walkway installers

A cost effective way to meet HSE guidelines, separating pedestrians and vehicles in factories, warehouses and industrial units. Are you looking to install a pedestrian walkway in your workplace? Or does your workplace have flaking walkways that need repainting each year? We can help refresh your industrial floor giving it a long lasting lifespan.

Anglia Decor are specialists in floor preparation and creating  pedestrian walkway routes to improve safety in the workplace. The most important part of the process is to prepare the concrete, prior to application of the coating. This gives the walkway a long lifespan and eliminates the need to repaint every few months where areas are flaking and blistering.

If your business already has a pedestrian walkway, but it’s in poor condition we can remove the defective coating. We would then diamond grind the concrete giving a sound base to apply a long lasting epoxy resin walkway.

Pedestrian walkways can be created in any ral or BS code, to match company colours or to stand out against fork lift traffic routes. We are also able to apply cross hatch markings to restrict parking and signage to warn your workforce of possible dangers.

Painted pedestrian walkways help meet HSE guidelines regarding separating pedestrians and vehicles at work. A cost effective solution, our team of skilled operatives can carry out large scale projects over a weekend and leave it ready for normal business on Monday.

Line Markings

We  also carry out line marking works, increasing safety and efficiency in the workplace. Crosshatching ensures busy areas and routes are kept clear of boxes and parked vehicles.

Zebra crossings can be placed where pedestrian and vehicle routes cross to reduce accidents.
We are also able to make entrances anti slip to reduce forklift skidding when wet outside.


Signage and numbering of boxes can help improve organisation and ensure stock can be found quickly. We can also apply line markings to exterior car park spaces using Polyurethane resin coatings.

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British Gaskets had a flaking pedestrian walkway and chipped main resin floor area and called us to refresh over the Xmas 2021 shutdown.
We started this project by diamond grinding the whole floor area to provide a key and remove any defective coating.

epoxy flooring

Once the floor was prepared we vacuumed to remove any dust and made a start on application of the grey high build solvent free resin coating. Our team cut in around the machinery as it was not practical to remove and reinstall the equipment. Some areas of walkways were remapped as new machines had been fitted. Resin floors usually last around 5 years before looking tired, chipped and in need of a refresh.

Once we had completed the grey floor areas, we masked the red pedestrian walkway areas with a clean edge tape.

We filled imperfections to the floor and applied 2 coats of red solvent free resin coating. Once complete we removed the tape and cleaned up the site.

The finished job will not flake or blister and has an expected lifespan of around 5 years.  Regular cleaning using a scrubber dryer or mop and bucket will keep the painted walkways in great condition and ensure the safety of employees.

Have an upcoming industrial floor project? Give us a call to discuss your requirements, we can usually provide a quote without a site visit just by asking a few details.

Frequently asked questions

Pedestrian walkways are required when you have areas of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The pedestrian walkway route will separate the traffic and reduce the risk of collisions and accidents.

The biggest risks are from slips, trips and falls. Also collisions from moving traffic. Zebra crossings can be used to minimise this issue. Anti slip pedestrian walkways can help reduce the risk of slips.

Pedestrian walkways should  be painted in a bright contrast colour so as to clearly define the safe route for your staff and site visitors.

A construction site must be organised in such a way that, so far as is reasonably practicable, pedestrians and vehicles can move without risks to health or safety. (2) Traffic routes must be suitable for the persons or vehicles using them, sufficient in number, in suitable positions and of sufficient size.

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