Resin Flooring and ESD Flooring

Pros and cons of resin flooring

Resin coatings are supplied in 2 parts, a tinted base and a clear hardener. The two parts are mixed together producing to activate the curing process.

There are many advantages for resin flooring;
* Fast installation of large areas
* Easy to clean & hygienic properties.

* Reducing dust compared to bare concrete.

* Resistance to chemical and oil spills.
* Cost effective flooring solution.
* Durability, can withstand high traffic.
* Hygienic seamless floor solutions.


Disadvantages to resin flooring;
* Can become slippery when wet. If your floor is prone to frequent wetting it is best to ask for an anti slip option.
* Yellowing from UV exposure. This is more noticable for white floors, UV topcoats can be installed to overcome.
* Scratching and chipping from misuse, ensure your staff raise pallets off the floor before moving goods. Try not to drop metal tools on floor.
* Smell during installation using some types of resins.




Video showing application of the top coat to 750m2 resin floor. We had prepared the floor using diamond grinders to remove previous coatings back to bare concrete.

The resin coating is poured then spread using a squeegee. We then roll the resin coating to achieve a uniform finish. This system gives a dry film thickness of around 400 microns.

British Gaskits
Case Study
British Gaskets Ltd
Arcese Ltd
Case Study
Arcese Ltd
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Arrival Ltd
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Toyota SLM
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Benefits of resin flooring

  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting & durable
  • Cost effective flooring solution
  • Available in anti slip
  • Fast instalaltion
  • Reduce dust levels & improve air quality
  • Strengthens the floor & prevents breakdown
  • Stops chemical and oil spills damaging the floor
  • Available in any BS or RAL colour code

Sectors we cover

A very durable flooring solution that will stand up to frequent traffic, spills and damage. (spanner drops can chip resin coatings) We have installed resin flooring systems for Toyota, Arrival, MOT test centres, motorbike dealerships & classic car storage companies.


Food and drink industries choose resin flooring for it’s ease of cleaning and fast installation. Once complete these systems will last for years and can withstand frequent forklift and pallet trolley traffic. We have completed resin flooring projects for Twinings tea, Brewery companies & food distribution companies.


With the use of different coloured areas, crosshatching & pedestrian walkways we are able to increase organisation in manufacturing industries. Being easy to clean and reducing dust levels in the workplace creates benefits for both employees and plant lifespan.
We have worked for Proctor & Gamble, ESG, British Gaskets, Schlegel, Sauer Compressors & ATE.


High build resin coatings and screeds offer long lifespans for factory floors. If areas are prone to oil leaks or frequent wetting, anti slip top coats can be applied to prevent accidents. Our teams can complete large areas over weekends & provide line marking and walkways. We also carry out lease end dilapidation projects for landlords and tenants handing back their factory.


Hygienic resin floors provide a seamless bacteria free surface that can be easily cleaned. These resin flooring systems meet FDA safety legislation & provide a long lasting flooring solution. Ideal for clean rooms, labs and pharmacy usage.


Frequent traffic can cause issues for bare concrete surfaces making them dusty and prone to break down. A resin coating can transform a car park, making it easy to clean and separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Resin flooring is 7 times thicker than standard paint and can be applied to concrete or wooden floors. Areas where chairs sit at desks can quickly be worn away where standard floor paint was used. A resin floor can last years and improve the appearance of your workspace.


Anglia Decor have completed plant room flooring at Schroders, Canary Whaft, Import Export Building & Exchange Tower. Providing waterproof flooring solutions to contain any spills and leaks. Get in touch to arrange a site survey today.


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) resin flooring protects electronic devices from damage caused by static electricity. ESD flooring is a cost-effective solution for ensuring the sensitive components within your electronics are protected from harmful electrostatic discharges. This makes ESD flooring ideal for data centres and electronic manufacturing industries.


Our team can remove carpet and adhesive, then install high build anti slip resin coatings. Resin staircases are easy to clean and give a modern clean look to staircases to offices and blocks of flats.

Case Studies

Arrival resin flooring

Anglia Decor carried out repairs, preparation and application of resin flooring and walkways to this industrial premises in 2022.

cleaned floor building

Schroders plant rooms.
Our resin flooring team carried out diamond grinding & resin coating to several plant rooms floors in 2022.

Chalkwell Coach Hire Ltd.
Preparation of this bus MOT station by diamond grinding, repairs to fix defective screed sections and application of crosshatch markings. Carried out in 2021

epoxy flooring at a mot center


There are several factors that decide the cost of resin flooring:
Size of the floor, larger areas are more cost effective.
Condition of the sub-floor, what preparation is required.
Type of system & thickness of resin coating required.
For a free quote email us with your details and a pic and we will try to get a same day quotation back.

As long as there is heating in the area resin flooring will dry for foot traffic within 14-20 hours. It needs 48 hours to cure before heavy vehicle traffic.

Once installed the floor needs 7 days to reach full chemical cure before it can be made wet.
Resin floors can be swept and mopped. Keeping them clean will improve the lifespan and prevent scratching from debris.

With diamond grind preparation a resin floor will last around 5 years for industrial usage. This can be extended by choosing a thicker resin screed system.

Yes resin flooring is a cheaper option. However tiles will give a longer lifespan and are more suited to domestic projects.

For material costing, concrete is cheaper than resin. Resin is a better finish than concrete, easy to clean and protects the concrete.

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