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Resin Flooring

Anglia Decor Ltd offer Industrial resin flooring at competitive rates. We use diamond grinders attached to industrial vacuums to provide a 95% dust free process.

With years of experience carrying out resin flooring projects, we are the company to call when looking to upgrade warehouse or factory floors. Our resin flooring teams can  complete large projects within a single weekend, minimising disturbance to your business.

We are also able to provide pedestrian walkways and line markings, to meet HSE guidelines on separating pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
Our resin floor teams can install anti slip resin coatings at entrance junctions to minimise the risk of skidding.

We can also create crosshatching to restrict parking and apply line markings to help organise and increase efficiency. Zebra crossings can be placed where pedestrian walkways cross traffic routes to ensure safety of employees and visitors.

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Benefits of resin flooring

  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting & durable
  • Cost effective flooring solution
  • Available in anti slip
  • Fast instalaltion
  • Reduce dust levels & improve air quality
  • Strengthens the floor & prevents breakdown
  • Stops chemical and oil spills damaging the floor
  • Available in any BS or RAL colour code

Sectors we cover

A very durable flooring solution that will stand up to frequent traffic, spills and damage. (spanner drops can chip resin coatings) We have installed resin flooring systems for Toyota, Arrival, MOT test centres, motorbike dealerships & classic car storage companies.

Food and drink industries choose resin flooring for it’s ease of cleaning and fast installation. Once complete these systems will last for years and can withstand frequent forklift and pallet trolley traffic. We have completed resin flooring projects for Twinings tea, Brewery companies & food distribution companies.

With the use of different coloured areas, crosshatching & pedestrian walkways we are able to increase organisation in manufacturing industries. Being easy to clean and reducing dust levels in the workplace creates benefits for both employees and machinery / plant.
We have worked for Proctor & Gamble, ESG, British Gaskets, Schlegel, Sauer Compressors & ATE.

High build resin coatings and screeds offer long lifespans for factory floors. If areas are prone to oil leaks or frequent wetting, anti slip top coats can be applied to prevent accidents. Our teams can complete large areas over weekends & provide line marking and walkways. We also carry out lease end dilapidation projects for landlords and tenants handing back their factory.

Hygienic resin floors provide a seamless bacteria free surface that can be easily cleaned. These resin flooring systems meet FDA safety legislation & provide a long lasting flooring solution. Ideal for clean rooms, labs and pharmacy usage.

Frequent traffic can cause issues for bare concrete surfaces making them dusty and prone to break down. A resin coating can transform a car park, making it easy to clean and separate pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Resin flooring is 7 times thicker than standard paint and can be applied to concrete or wooden floors. Areas where chairs sit at desks can quickly be worn away where standard floor paint was used. A resin floor can last years and improve the appearance of