Office Resin Flooring

Anglia Decor Ltd. Based in Essex and provide office resin flooring, garage resin floors and industrial resin flooring across London and the South East.

Over time office floors become worn, faded and scratched. The wear is more prominent around desks from movement of chairs. We have completed several office resin flooring projects. Our team would usually start on a Friday night to prepare the floor by diamond grinding. This removes the top layer of the existing flooring and gives the new coating a suitable base to adhere to. Once prepared we vacuum the floor to remove any dust. The resin coating is mixed and a first coat applied, this cures over night. The following day we apply a second coat and this is left to cure until Monday morning. The finished floor is ready for heavy traffic.

This time-lapse video shows a topcoat being applied to an office resin floor.

Garage Resin Flooring

Bare concrete garage floors can be difficult to clean. The top layer of concrete breaks down over time and gives a dusty environment. Resin flooring can help solve this issue and create an easy to clean surface that can be mopped. The epoxy resin coatings come in any colour.

Benefits of garage resin flooring include:
Hard wearing
and durable- concrete can become weakened by frequent traffic. Resin coatings help protect from surface breakdown.
Cost effective and quick to install.
Easy to clean surface- spills are contained, not able to soak into the concrete once coated with an epoxy resin coating.
Anti slip coatings available, to create a safer environment.
Visually impressive finish- high gloss coatings reflect more light, creating a brighter garage.
Reduces dust levels Bare concrete is more prone to dusting which is likely to become airborne.

epoxy flooring

Industrial resin flooring

We are able to complete large scale industrial resin floor projects over a single weekend. Our team can also install pedestrian walkways to separate vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Crosshatching can help improve safety and keep fire exits clear of goods.

We have completed resin flooring projects for Tate Modern, Canary Wharf and Edmonton Green shopping centre. If required our resin flooring teams can work night shifts to minimise disruption.

Read our case study on Canary Wharf boiler room resin flooring.

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